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3 Key Pandemic Lessons for Dog Businesses, and How To Use Them

It’s been a rough time, full of challenge and uncertainty and fear. But as all rough times do, it’s shed new insight and learning, too. As we’ve worked at dogbiz to support dog professionals through the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve learned a number of lessons we believe are the key to both surviving this moment and […]

Navigating Your Dog Biz Through the Coronavirus

We know some of you are already experiencing cancellations and revenue loss due to the Coronavirus and others are bracing for the same. We wanted to share some ideas for navigating your business through this stressful and frightening time. There are precious few solid answers right now. We don’t know for sure when this will […]

Handling Unhappy Clients While Sticking To Your Policies

Pleasing an unhappy dog often comes down to simple things. Taking out a leash. Saying the word, “W-A-L-K.” Bologna. Pleasing unhappy clients, however, can prove more complicated, and even dog pros with the best customer service skills find that they can’t please all the people all the time. Here are a few steps to cut […]

Better Business Resolutions

Most of us share the same sense of inevitable doom when we think of resolutions, whether at the New Year, or upon returning from an inspiring conference, or anytime we promise ourselves change—that brief period of determination and hope we know will give way to the reality of day to day life soon enough. What […]

Are You a True Dog Pro?

Being a dog pro is about more than understanding dogs and building the skills needed to work with them effectively and safely. Our professional knowledge and skill set are critical, but of equal importance is the ability to provide services in a professional, sustainable way. And that means holding your ground as both business owner […]