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Money Matters 101: Pricing, Policies, & Packages

Picture of Jack Russel terrier holding a stack of cash in one paw and a piggy bank in the other.

Make more. Work less. Help more dogs.

Money matters are a source of stress for most dog trainers. Deciding what to charge. Talking to clients about your fees. Enforcing cancellation policies. It’s all pretty uncomfortable. The result? Most dog trainers struggle financially, and often experience burnout as a result.

In this class, we show you how to:

  1. Set and communicate your rates with confidence.
  2. Choose & enforce policies that protect your income and help dogs
  3. Adjust services to increase revenue, downtime, and training success

Make more. Work less. Help more dogs. If that all sounds good to you, join us!

What you get:

  • Inspiring expert instruction
  • Specific tips, concrete examples, step-by-step how-to’s
  • Course workbook to put lessons to use in your business

Money Matters is a 6-module course:

Module 1: What Do You Want?

What are your business goals: To make more money? Or make the same with less work? To attract a different kind of client, or spend more time doing the work you love most? We start by setting your goals, so you get the most from the course. We also talk about how to assess those goals to make sure you make what you need.

Module 2: The Right Services

The services you offer effect your workload, enjoyment, income, and the impact you have on dogs. We show you how to assess your services, think outside the box about your offerings, and choose the right balance for your goals and community. The result? Loving your work even more than you already do.

Module 3: Setting Your Rates

Learn the four factors every trainer should take into account when setting rates. Most trainers consider only one of these (what other trainers are charging). Ignoring the other three usually means leaving money on the table.

You’ll also learn the four best pricing strategies, and how to choose the right one for your business—instead of the one that most trainers use, leaving themselves underpaid and financially stressed.

Module 4: Packaging Your Services

Leave behind one-and-done consulting, and students calling it quits after one class. Set yourself, your clients, and the dogs up for success by learning how to offer training packages and class progressions that sell themselves.

Module 5: Smart Policies

Smart policies protect against revenue loss while also improving the positive impact you have on dogs and their people. Learn how to set, communicate, and comfortably enforce the right policies for your business.

Module 6: Putting It All Together

See it all in action, and then take yours! We’ll share real-life case studies from our consulting work, walking you step-by-step through the actions these fellow trainers—trainers with many of the same struggles, challenges, and fears—took to successfully increase their incomes, reduce their stress levels, and improve their training outcomes. Then it’ll be your turn, as we wrap with concrete steps to help you do the same.

Ready to make more, work smarter, and help more dogs? Join us for Money Matters 101!

Course Dates & Times

This course is available on demand. Take at your own pace, on your own schedule. Students have one year to complete the course.


$145 class only

Class + Coaching
$305 class + discounted one-on-one coaching call ($50 savings)


  • One years’ access to all recorded lessons
  • Course workbook
  • Optional personalized coaching call

Recorded Lessons

Listen to pre-recorded lessons at your own speed.

Students have one year to complete the course.

Lessons run from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Course Workbook

Use your course workbook to help implement the lessons from the course:

Balance your services
Adjust your workload
Set your rates
Adjust your policies
Increase your impact, your revenue, and your work enjoyment!

Optional Coaching Call

If you choose the Class + Coaching option we’ll schedule your personalized phone appointment with one of our friendly consultants once you finish the course. Your coach will answer your course questions and help you apply the lessons to your own business and goals.

Gina Phairas
BSc Comms, CTC

BSc Comms, CTC
Founder, Consultant Lead,
dogbiz U Director


Tia Guest



I moved to a new area and despite having 20+ years of experience and education behind me, I kept my prices low. I thought being somewhere in the middle would help me get the clients to build my business.

After struggling for a year I listened to a dogbiz Money Matters class that ended up being pivotal in the success of my business. The class hit on some very valid points about working smart, knowing my worth, and knowing what kind of client I wanted to work with. I added my prices and policies on my webpage and upped my prices at the same time.

I was fully expecting to have a lull, but found quite the opposite. My next group class was full! I had to add classes to accommodate the interest. My business doubled. So in the long run I am able to help more people, not less.

I do not believe I would have ever had the confidence to make those changes if I had not taken this class. Thank you so much for giving me confidence in this area. I so needed it.

Dawn Goehring, CDBC
Animal Biz Behavior and Training
Pahoa, Hawaii

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