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From toolkits, ready-made curriculums, and online courses to step-by-step coaching, we have a range of offerings to help you grow your business. Cut stressful busy work so you can focus on the things you love, all while providing a professional and effective service.

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No more hours spent designing handouts, worksheets, and training plans. We have it covered.

B-Mod Toolkit

Our professionally-designed R+ dog training plans are easy to follow, editable, and vetted by top dog trainers.

Homework Toolkit

Save countless hours and support client success and compliance with over 55 R+ brandable, editable homework handouts.

Operation Socialization

Puppy Passports increase socialization success for private clients and class students, plus give your marketing a boost.


Ready-made R+ Curriculum Packages

Fill your classes and teach with confidence using our professionally designed R+ curriculums.

Puppy Curriculum flashdrive

Open Enrollment Puppy Curriculum

Never again turn puppies away or keep them waiting—our open enrollment curriculum means making the most of the critical puppy socialization period.

OEB Flashdrive photo

Open Enrollment Basic Manners Curriculum

Keep your basic manners classes full and get the best student results with our innovative, open-enrollment, real-world approach to basic manners.

Topics Classes flashdrive

Topics Curriculum for Retention

Tired of students dropping out of training after basic manners class? Our topics program is the answer to better program retention—and better revenue, too.


Online courses

Learn on demand and at your own pace with our comprehensive online courses.

Mastering Day Training

Master day training to master your income, your impact, and your schedule.

The Best Classes In Town

No matter your class program size, we’ll show you how to work less for more success.

Join a supportive community of R+ trainers as you learn from dogbiz coaches via our celebrated group coaching program.


“Thank you for everything. I’m developing a business I love that feels healthy.”

Jeri Hirvela, White Woof Walks, Marin County CA

“You guys are the best! I am grateful for your tips and recommendations and always learn something new, even after all this time!”

Cecilia Sternzon, Canine Higher Learning, Silicon Valley CA

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