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Dog lover to dog lover, we’re glad you found us. We’d love to help you have your dream career working with dogs. We specialize in helping people leave the rat-race and create successful and profitable dog businesses. We‘re also all about work-life balance, helping you to not only discover your new career, but stay in it.


Here’s how we can help:

Dog Career Coaching

Let a friendly dogbiz career coach help you find just the right dog career—dog training, dog walking, dog daycare, or pet sitting to name just a few—and create the perfect pathway to get you there.

dogbiz U Courses

Explore and pursue your new dog career with our interactive or self-guided courses. “Real” job has you working on your business at 2am? Our on-demand classes are ready when you are.

Dog Walking Academy ​

Thinking about becoming a dog walker? Our professional dog walking course is the fastest track to reach your dog career goal. Attend in person in San Francisco or take class online.


Free Dog Career Resources

Enjoy these complimentary dogbiz materials to help you explore a career with dogs:

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Free dogbiz e-book: Career Going to the Dogs?

What you should know about starting a career working with dogs.

Picture of person walking lab getting ready to throw a ball

Free dogbiz e-book: How To Become a Dog Trainer

An overview of how to become a professional dog trainer, broken into 10 easy steps.

Picture of woman walking a very happy dog on leash in a park

Free dogbiz e-book: How To Become a Dog Walker

Get a 10-step overview of how to become a professional dog walker.

Client Reviews

Picture of Shelly and dog

“I want to share an event that I was not sure would ever come… A Good Dog Day Behavior and Training is 10 years old this month!!! I wanted to shout out and thank you ladies for all of your help, I never would have been able to get to this place on my own.” 

– Shelly Keel, A Good Dog Day

“My business is doing well and I can’t wait to see where it goes now that I’ve been able to quit doing real estate and focus on it full time. I couldn’t be happier. Taking the first step to attend the Dog Walking Academy put me on the path to where I am today.” 

–Kelly Fahey, Dogsmith of Hunterdon, Hunterdon County, NJ

“My dog career is going really well and I am really enjoying life because of it. I am eternally grateful to you because it never would have been possible without dogbiz consulting.”

–Laurel Rose, Golden Gate Dog Walking, San Francisco, CA

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