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Attend in Person

Attend the original school for dog walkers 3-day intensive dog walking course in a city near you.
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Attend Online

Attend the original school for dog walkers at your pace from the comfort of your home.
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What you get

  • Instruction from industry leaders
  • Guided hands-on training and field trip
  • Professional dog walking certification seal
  • Answers to all your dog behavior questions
  • Expert business guidance
  • Course presentation materials
  • The Business of Dog Walking book
  • Access to supportive, private Facebook group for grads

The Dog Walking Academy is comprehensive education for professional dog walkers. We cover 13 topics broken into 5 areas:

1. Understanding Dog Behavior

Module 1: Learning Theory: How Dogs Think & Learn
Module 2: Canine Communication: Speaking Dog
Module 3: Aggression & Project Dogs: It’s All Behavior
Module 4: Dog Fights: Prevention & Resolution

2. Running Your Dog Business

Module 5: Running a Successful Dog Walking Business
Module 6: Screening & Group Composition: Making Smart Choices
Module 7: Client Intake: Getting Off on the Right Foot & Paw

3. Playing It Safe

Module 8: Emergency Planning & Protocols: Predicting the Unpredictable
Module 9: Canine First Aid: Building Critical Skills
Module 10: Transporting Dogs: On the Road with Fido

4. Walking the Dogs

Module 11: Walk Management: Ready, Set, Walk!
Module 12: Walking Puppies: Taking Special Care
Module 13: Basic Training: Dog Training for Dog Walkers

5. Taking the Field Trip

Module 14: Field Trip Success Prep
Module 15: The Hands-On Field Trip

What our grads say

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“This course has inspired me to breathe new life into something I’ve been doing for years, and take it to the next level. I absolutely recommend the DWA to experienced and inexperienced dog walkers.” 
–Sara Munro

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“I was determined to follow my passion and work with dogs… but it wasn’t until the Dog Walking Academy that I felt confident to turn my passion in to a true endeavor.” 
–Nick Carrel

Contributor Glynnis and her frenchie

“The DWA was a life-altering experience for me. You provided me with more ‘ah-ha’ moments in those three days than a lifetime with dogs.” 
– Glynis Dewing

Photo of contributor Jill with her dog

“There is so much to learn in this business, and your program covered everything! You gave me the knowledge and confidence to start my own dream business.” 
–Jill Merjeski

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Why attend the dogbiz Dog Walking Academy​

Love what you do

Whether you’re just starting as a dog walker or have been walking dogs for a decade, we’ll help you get the most from every moment. Walk with confidence and ease, enjoy safe control of your dogs, and let go of your business worries.

Bypass business hassles & make more money

Learn how to sidestep and fix the common start-up, marketing, rate, and policy mistakes that keep dog walkers from making a strong, reliable living walking dogs. Why learn from your own mistakes if you don’t have to, or make less money than you could?

Solve perplexing dog problems

Ever wondered why dogs do what they do? Found yourself unable to get a dog to start or stop doing something? Struggled with a stressful behavior problem? You’ll leave class with answers and solutions to all your canine dilemmas.

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Set yourself apart

Stand out to potential clients, referral sources, or employers by investing in the “Harvard” of dog walking schools. Your CPDW (Certificate in Professional Dog Walking) seal proclaims your professionalism and commitment to the best possible care of the dogs entrusted to you.

Maximize safety

From canine first aid/ CPR to emergency protocols and understanding how to avoid and break up dog fights, arm yourself with the understanding, skills, and confidence to handle anything that comes your way.

Be a pro

In an unregulated industry, anyone can be a dog walker. But to be a professional dog walker requires professional education and training. We’ve continued to set the bar for dog walking education since we launched the first class of its kind in 2004.

Ready to start a new dog walking career or elevate your current one?

Become a Certified Dog Walker.

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