Get ready-made R+ training plans for behavior cases

Increase case resolution with easy-to-follow, editable training plans vetted by top dog trainers


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What you get

Your B-Mod Toolkit comes as an immediate download link and includes:

Training plans & aids:

Operant approaches
Classical approaches
Combination approaches
Management options

Behaviors covered:

Resource guarding
Separation anxiety
Handling issues
On-leash dog reactivity
Off-leash dog reactivity
Stranger fear & aggression
Demand & watchdog barking
Submissive urination
House training

All training plans include:

An overview summary of the issue
Recommendation for length of training plan for maximum success
Step-by-step training plans arranged session-by-session
Specific parameters and criteria setting goals
Common sticking points and mistakes to avoid
Management plans and tips
Space for your training notes
Notes on amending plan to coaching, day training, or B&T services

Features & requirements

B-Mod Toolkit Pricing

A single training package covers your B-Mod Toolkit investment.
That’s $300 for better case resolution and less desk time.

Get your B-Mod Toolkit

B-Mod Toolkit

Editable R+ training and management plans for a wide variety of behavior cases


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Homework Toolkit
B-Mod Toolkit
Business Toolkit for Trainers

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$1,450 (save $200)

Private Training Package B

Homework Toolkit
B-Mod Toolkit
Business Toolkit for Trainers
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$1,700 (save $250)

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Trainer Reviews


“I love the week-by-week format, sound teaching principles, and countless nuggets. I strongly endorse this product. It’s a glorious contribution.”
–Jean Donaldson, The Academy for Dog Trainers


“An invaluable tool when handling challenging behavior cases. Not only do the training plans help me stay organized, but I sleep better at night knowing I haven’t left anything out. Thank you!”
–Betsy Calkins, The Educated Dog Learning Center, Manhattan Beach, CA


“The B-Mod Toolkit is super handy for organizing our approach to behavior problems. The protocols are sound and it’s great to have standardized training plans to refer to rather than having to ‘reinvent the wheel’ every time. We consider this one of the smartest investments we’ve made!”
–Ursa Acree, Canis Major Dog Training, Denver, CO

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Why use the B-Mod Toolkit

The B-Mod Toolkit makes prepping careful training plans a snap, freeing you from your desk to spend more time training.

Increase client success

A well-thought out training plan means a more efficient and effective use of training time—and that means better case outcomes.

Train with confidence

No more worrying about your training plan, wondering if you missed a trick, or struggling with training plateaus or setbacks.

Make day training easy

If you’ve thought about day training but have been unsure how to get it going, the B-Mod Toolkit is a great way to get started.


B-Mod Toolkit FAQ

Who wrote these training plans?

Lead architect Gina Phairas of dogbiz, formerly an instructor in Jean Donaldson’s Academy for Dog Trainers, was joined by guest contributors Malena DeMartini (separation anxiety), Janis Bradley (stranger aggression) and Mik Moeller (leash reactivity) to create scientifically-sound, effective R+ training plans you can trust.

What if I need to make changes to the training plans?

No problem. Every case is different and as R+ trainers ourselves, we know every R+ trainer has his or her own way of doing things, so we’ve designed our plans for easy editing.

What if I have trouble making edits?

We doubt you will, but we’re super happy to help if you do. Just call or email!

I’m a clicker trainer. Will these plans work with a clicker?

Yes—click away! All plans can be implemented with or without a clicker.