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Brandable, editable class and private training handouts you don’t have to write yourself


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What you get

Your Homework Toolkit comes as an immediate download link and includes:

Manners/Obedience handouts:

Go to your mat
Leave it
Loose leash walking
Hand target/ touch
Sit to greet
Let’s go

Training concept handouts:

Building motivation
Fading food reinforcement
Say Please

Prevention handouts:

House training
House training accident log
Crate training
Confinement training
Puppy socialization
Bite inhibition
Resource guarding
Chew training
Physical & mental exercise
Exercise plan
Starting out right

B-mod handouts:

Desensitization, general
Muzzle desensitization
Gentle Leader desensitization
Open bar, closed bar
Shy dogs
Counter surfing

Foundation handouts:

Clicker training
Debunking dominance
How dogs learn

Real-life exercise handouts:

Kitchen & mealtimes
Out & about
Taking a walk
Visitors to the house
Teaching your dog something new
Getting puppy ready for the groomer

Miscellaneous handouts:

Choosing your dog or puppy
Dog-dog introductions
Dog-cat introductions
Dog-baby introductions
Sibling rivalry
Name recognition

Features & requirements

Homework Toolkit Pricing

What is 100+ hours of your time worth?

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Homework Toolkit

Over 55 handouts to support client and student training success


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Homework Toolkit
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Homework Toolkit
B-Mod Toolkit
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Trainer Reviews


“I almost want to cry the handouts are so well-written! What a huge relief to have this. So psyched. Worth every “doggone’ cent!”
–Shannon Applegate, On My Best Behavior, Denver, CO


“I cannot express how grateful I am for your handouts. Today I had them all ready to go for two appointments, and it worked brilliantly. When I drove away I didn’t have the weight of a laborious writing assignment on my shoulders. My clients are happy, and I am thrilled.”
–Tracy Krulik, iSpeakDog, Washington, D.C.


“Wow! Very professional, easy for the client to follow, and I save so much time. Great value. Your company is genius!”
–Debbe Weissbuch, Happy Tails Dog Training, Cincinnati, OH

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Why use the Homework Toolkit

Save lots (and lots) of time

Those handouts aren’t writing themselves. No worries—we’ve got them written for you, saving you well over 100 hours of desk time!

Increase student and client success

How-to’s are broken into simple steps and technical subjects made easy to grasp. And that means homework that actually gets done!

Look and sound like the pro you are

Our training handouts are professionally written, vetted for scientifically-sound R+ content, and laid out by a graphic designer for a pro look.

Get more clients and impress vets

Show your professionalism (and help dogs!) by leaving handouts at vet offices, pet supply stores, and daycares, or bring them to local events.


Homework Toolkit FAQ

What if I have trouble making edits or adding my logo?

We’ve designed the handouts for easy editing, but we’re super happy to help should you need it. Just call or email!

I’m a clicker trainer. Will the handouts work with a clicker?

Yes—click away! All handouts that include how-to training instructions come in both clicker and non-clicker versions.