A dogbiz University Course

Mastering Day Training

Master day training to master your income, your impact, and your schedule.

If you’re tired of struggling to fill your training slots, begging clients to do their part, working nights and weekends, and not achieving the case results you know you could (and that the dogs really need!), it’s time to master day training.

You'll learn how to:

  • Package, structure, schedule, & price your program
  • Decide how much (and what) to include in a package
  • Build a day training b-mod plan
  • Structure and teach your transfer sessions
  • Increase real-world training success for clients
  • Get clients to take active ownership of their role
  • Keep your day training schedule full

Top 4 reasons to master day training:

  1. Fill your training slots & increase your income
  2. Enjoy better work/life balance
  3. Improve training results for clients & dogs
  4. Create stronger client participation & buy-in

Mastering Day Training is a 4-module, on demand course.

Module 1:
Structuring Your Day Training Program

Class begins by busting the myth that owners must train their own dogs, and exploring why day training works so well for trainers, clients, and dogs. Then we show you how to structure and schedule day training programs to maximize those benefits for all, laying out the most common structure, variations and their uses, and both in-home and facility-based models.

Module 2:
Training the Dog

Module two is dedicated to the dogs. You’ll learn our top four tips for setting dogs up for day training success, then we’ll show you how to build your day training plans. We’ll look at how to decide how much time you need, the central trick to designing a solid day training plan, and how to break your sessions down (i.e., how to spend your training sessions with the dogs). Gina will also walk you session-by-session through a day training plan so you can see how it all comes together.

Module 3:
Training the Client

Module three focuses on the human part of the day training equation. We start with a clear strategy (and our best tips) to manage client expectations and create active buy-in and ownership of their role in the day training process. With this foundation laid, we show you how to use our coaching for real-life method to create powerful transfer and follow-up sessions that set clients and dogs up for a lifetime of success. You’ll learn what to transfer and when, how to teach the knowledge and skills clients need to take advantage of your training work, and how to help clients handle new real-life situations when you’re not there to coach them.

Module 4:
The Business of Day Training

Now that your training program is all set, let’s turn to the business side of day training. Module four shows you how to create day training packages that are easy to sell, how to price those packages, how to set effective policies to handle payment plans and put an end to cancelled and missed sessions, and—most importantly—how to get day training clients!

Ready to master day training? Join us!

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