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Keep students coming back after basic manners

Increase class program retention and revenue with short, fun classes your students will love

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Why dogbiz Topics Classes

Increase class attendance after basic manners

Tired of students calling it quits after basic manners class? These short, single topic classes make it easier for students to say yes to more training by giving them what they want and need most—extra help on recall, loose leash walking, impulse control, and real-life proofing.

Easier scheduling for all

Shorter classes are easier to fit into your schedule, especially in summertime and around holidays. They’re easier for your clients to fit into their busy schedules, too—another factor in increased attendance.

Stand out and be noticed

Let’s face it—most dog owners aren’t interested in typical intermediate and advanced manners classes. Set your program apart with short classes offering solutions to dog owners’ most pressing problems.
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Increase your revenue

Higher attendance in your post-basic manners courses means more money in your pocket. Plus you can set these shorter classes at a higher per-hour price while keeping tuition affordable.

Hook prospective students

You can also use dogbiz topics classes as “teasers” to hook new students by providing a shorter—and less expensive—initial commitment.

Build R+ compliance in your community

Written by experienced R+ trainers and professional curriculum developers, dogbiz Topics Classes create enthusiastic student buy-in for positive reinforcement training. Your students learn the skills they need with exercises designed to gently, effectively break down old training habits and commonly held myths.

Give your students better training results

Tired of hearing students complain, “He only behaves in class!”? Our real-life based curriculum teaches students how to get training success outside your classroom—where it counts most.

Lots of real-life proofing

A focus on building proofing skills means your students learn what they need to handle their dog in any situation—situational awareness, working at their dog’s level (criteria setting), and problem solving.

Save your time and end your stress

No more need to reinvent the wheel, piece together your intermediate or advanced classes from other trainers’ plans, rush to prep tonight’s lessons, or stress as you “wing it.”

A fully planned, scripted curriculum for all four topics classes allows you to teach easily and with confidence, and promotes professional consistency among all trainers on your staff.
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Topics Package details

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Easy to use

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Fully editable and brandable

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PC and Mac compatible

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Designed by R+ trainers and master curriculum developers

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Tried and tested by R+ trainers across the US and internationally

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Materials delivered by thumb drive for easy access

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Immediate delivery via download link upon request

What you get

Four classes to replace or augment your intermediate and advanced manners dog training classes:

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Total Recall: Building a Reliable Recall

(4 weeks + bonus 1 week teaser class)

Safely unleash more dogs in your community with this fun class focused on recall. Can be used as a post-basic manners retention class or as a stand-alone course.

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Walkabout: Mastering Loose Leash Walking

(4 weeks)

Whose class evals don’t ask for more loose leash walking practice? A great class to increase post-basic retention, and a nice pre-requisite for the About Town fieldtrip class.

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Dogs Behaving Badly: Impulse Control Workshop

(1 week)

Offer this one as a teaser course or as extra support for basic manners dogs with focus or impulse challenges.

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About Town: A Fieldtrip Proofing Class

(4 weeks)

Use as an intermediate or advanced dog training manners class, or turn into a monthly membership program for repeat students.

Your Topics Curriculum Package comes on a thumb drive and includes for each course:

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Fully scripted, easy to follow curriculum

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Brandable student homework handbook

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Instructor’s handbook

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Assistant’s handbook (assistants not required)

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After your first 4 students, every Topics sign up is new revenue for your training business


Based on an average dog training class tuition, just 4 student registrations cover your Topics Curriculum investment—that’s one student per course included in your package!

Or bundle your Topics Curriculum and save:

Classes Success Package A

  • Topics Curriculum
  • Basic Manners Curriculum
  • Puppy Curriculum

$1,650 (save $150)

Not ready to commit? Get a sample and see for yourself. 

Questions? We’re happy to help!
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What trainers say

“I knew the Topics classes would be a great follow to my dogbiz Open Enrollment Puppy class. I love the different angle the Topics courses give my business, rather than the same old, same old 6 to 8 week obedience courses which I had done for years. The curriculum gave me the confidence to take the plunge and I love it!”

–Joanne Parkes, Gold Coast Butler, QLD, Australia

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Need more info about the Topics package?

Review a dogbiz Topics Curriculum sample to be sure it’s the right fit for you, your students, and your business.

Let us know what questions you have—we’re happy to help.
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Topics Curriculum System Requirements & FAQ

Can I access your curriculum from my Mac and PC?

Yes. If you’re on a PC you’ll need Microsoft Word. If you’re a Mac user, you can use Word or Pages.

I have a class starting this weekend. How fast can I get my new curriculum?

No worries! You’ll receive an immediate order confirmation email with a download link as soon as you complete your purchase.

Who writes the dogbiz curriculum?

Co-founders Veronica Boutelle and Gina Phairas develop and write all dogbiz curriculum. Veronica has a master’s degree in Education and previously taught graduate courses in curriculum development, and also trained teachers. Gina developed and taught curriculum for Jean Donaldson’s original SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers. Both Veronica and Gina also have extensive experience teaching dog training classes.

Can I purchase just one of the Topics classes?

We only sell the topics classes as a full package, but at $600 you need only four registrations to cover your investment. And we think once you try one of these classes you’ll be tempted to use them all!

What age group is your curriculum designed for?

Our Topics curriculum can be used for any age from adolescence through senior dogs.

What training methodologies are used?

All of our curriculum is based solidly in positive reinforcement. It can be taught with or without the aide of clickers.
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