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How to Run A Dog Business book cover

How To Run a Dog Business

Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is, 2nd Edition

By Veronica Boutelle with a foreword by Jean Donaldson

Published by Dogwise

Learn how to run the “business end” of the leash. To succeed as a dog professional you need more than dog expertise; you need business savvy. This book, written for both newcomers and established dog pros, charts the path to professional fulfillment and financial security for dog trainers, dog walkers, dog daycare operators, dog boarding facilities, pet sitters, and anyone else looking to start or grow a successful dog business.


What readers say:

“Veronica loves and respects dog [pros]. This book holds invaluable practicalities, counsel, structure, and support.”
–Jean Donaldson, author of Culture Clash and founder of The Academy for Dog Trainers

“Veronica’s book is required reading at my instructor’s courses.”
–Terry Ryan, Legacy founder, Karen Pryor Academy and Clicker Expo faculty, author of Coaching People to Train Their Dogs

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Minding Your Dog Business book cover

Minding Your Dog Business

A Practical Guide to Business Success for Dog Professionals

By Veronica Boutelle & Rikke Jorgensen with a foreword by Pat Miller

Published by Dogwise

Get ahead of your competition—and stay there. Setting up and running a successful dog business is an achievement in itself, but the real test is to build success and growth for the long haul. This books shares tips and strategies for doing just that.


What readers say:

“Without a doubt the most useful compendium of marketing and business development advice available for dog professionals.”
–Ian Dunbar, author of How to Teach a New Dog Old Tricks, founder of the APDT, Sirius Puppy Training, and DogStarDaily

“If I’d had this book to read [when I started], I might have avoided some costly mistakes. Today’s dog professionals are incredibly lucky to have access to these ladies and the invaluable resources they have to offer.”
–Pat Miller, trainer educator and founder of Peaceable Paws, author of The Power of Positive Training

“A must-have for any dog professional.”
–Pia Silvani, Director of Behavior & Training for St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center

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The Business of Dog Walking book cover

The Business of Dog Walking

How To Make a Living Doing What You Love

By Veronica Boutelle

Published by Dogwise

Turn dog walking into a profitable business. Dog walking is a booming business. But there’s a huge difference between throwing a leash on a few dogs and charging for it, versus running a professional dog walking business. Through the dogbiz Dog Walking Academy Veronica has helped thousands of dog walkers set up and run successful dog walking businesses. This book, the companion text to the Dog Walking Academy program, shares how.


What readers say:

“A comprehensive guide to creating—or improving—a solid dog walking business.”
–Paige Tuhey, owner of PantSF

“Veronica blends a superior level of professionalism with a common-sense approach to handling dogs, making it much easier to turn your love of dogs into a successful profession.”
–Amanda Knier Rotondo, owner of Bark Avenue Doggy Day Care

“The education, training, and business coaching contained [in this book] is invaluable… [to] building your dog walking business.”
– Michelle Sanchez & Cynthia Evans, owners of The Art of Dog

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Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

By Malena DeMartini, with a business chapter by Gina Phairas

Published by Dogwise

Malena has spent her training career exclusively working separation anxiety cases, and she has an amazing track record of fixing the “unfixable.” In this book she shares her 5 Phase Treatment Protocol and related strategies to help dog trainers help dogs overcome the fear of being alone. In the business chapter, dogbiz’ Gina Phairas explains how to set up a successful business model for treating this devastating condition.



What readers say:

“This book gives us all a road map… Countless dogs will be saved from euthanasia or a life of perpetual misery.”
–Jean Donaldson, author of Culture Clash and founder of The Academy for Dog Trainers

“Malena’s book is recommended reading for anyone working with a dog affected with [separation anxiety].”
–Dr. Nicholas Dodman, Director of Animal Behavior Clinic at Tufts University, author of The Dog Who Loved Too Much

“This is the best single resource I have ever seen for dealing with this very common and serious problem.”
–Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice-President and Chief Training Officer for Karen Pryor Clicker Training