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Let us do some marketing for you

Grow your R+ dog training business and make the world a better place for dogs with a professionally written and designed email and/or print newsletter

We write it for you

No time or inclination to write your own newsletter? No problem. Our professional writer does it for you.

We brand it for you

Not only do we write your newsletter for you, we match the design of your newsletter to your brand. 

All R+ content

Just like you, we’re dedicated to spreading the word about positive reinforcement, so all content is R+.

Print &/or email it

Print your newsletter to gain new clients and/or build your email list and keep in touch with clients & leads.


Why do newsletter marketing

Get your phone ringing

By sharing valuable expertise, a well-written and designed email or print newsletter introduces and keeps you in front of potential dog training clients until they’re ready to hire you. If your marketing time and money are limited, this is the project to prioritize.

Keep clients coming back

A good email newsletter provides ongoing connection and brand loyalty. Staying in touch makes it more likely current and past clients will continue to use your dog training services, add new ones, and think to tell friends, family, and coworkers about you.

Set yourself apart

Out-compete others’ materials with an engaging, educational read. And in addition to the typical dog spots, put your print newsletter in local cafes, dentists’ offices, hair salons, gyms—anywhere a dog lover might appreciate some help passing the time.

Why use the dogbiz Newsletter Service

Save time and money

Newsletters are time intensive to produce. Let us write and lay yours out for you. With the time you save—easily a good 10 hours per newsletter of researching, writing, and layout—you can help more dogs and make more money.

Improve dogs’ lives

Use your marketing for good! While promoting your business, our content educates dog lovers about dog behavior and positive reinforcement approaches to training and care. That means helping more dogs while you help yourself.

Look like the pro you are

If you’re not a professional writer and layout designer, it can be challenging to create a newsletter that reflects the professional approach you take to dog training. The Newsletter Service ensures your marketing is as pro as you are.


Newsletter Service features​

Newsletter layout example photo

Read sample newsletters and see how we design around your brand:

Engaging Educational Content

We normalize and address common canine behavior concerns, bust persistent myths, share R+ dog training tips, write about dog-related trends, and pepper everything with notable facts and figures. In short, we provide R+ education while entertaining you readers.

Vetted, R+ Material

All content is thoroughly researched and vetted for a strict adherence to ethics and positive reinforcement approaches to dog training and care. And you and your readers don’t have to take our word for it: numbers and trends come from reputable, verifiable sources.

Print and/or Email

How do you market? Choose the email option, the print option, or both. We’ll design your branded template for both or either. Or, if you already have your newsletter design but don’t want to do your own writing, just pick our content-only option.

Room To Customize

Your newsletter includes a sizeable space for info about your services. You’ve also got a 200-word spot to add a soapbox topic or training success story, highlight a local dog business or event, or whatever else you might want to share. There’s also space for a short announcement.

How the Newsletter Service works​

You sign up.

Fill in the online application.

Tell us whether you want an email newsletter, a print version, or both– or whether you just need great R+ content for your current email or print newsletter.

We design & prepare your newsletter.

Our designer uses your logo and brand colors to create your unique nameplate (the graphically presented title of your newsletter) and footer panel with your contact details. We also set up your email newsletter for you. (Please note that you will need to sign up for an email service such as Constant Contact or Mailchimp if you wish to send email newsletters.)

We write your newsletter.

We write interesting, informative R+ articles and fun bits of doggie trivia and insight. For your print newsletter, all you have to do is to add your Announcement, 200-word Highlight, and Services description. For your email newsletter, we send you content for each monthly edition and you add anything you want your readers to know about your services.

We help you master newsletter marketing.

We teach you our best tips for making the most of your newsletter marketing, whether by email or print. Plus, you get step-by-step directions for sending out your email newsletter and/or getting your print newsletter printed and distributed. 

We send you your newsletter.

You’ll receive your print newsletter as an editable PDF file. The areas set aside for your own content are clearly marked—simply place your cursor and type. No techie knowledge required. For your email newsletter, you’ll receive content designed to easily paste into the email template we’ve designed for you (or the one you already have).

You press the print (or send) button.

Email your newsletter to your mailing list. Print your newsletter, either yourself or using a professional printer. Give your newsletter to existing clients and students. Mail it to lapsed and potential ones. Share it with referral partners like vets and groomers and bring it to doggie events. Feel good about spreading R+ education while growing your business.

Newsletter Service details

Newsletter sample

Client Reviews

“The layout and graphics are eye-catching and people naturally want to pick it up and take it home. It’s been a great investment!” 

Stephanie Brooks, Taillights Dogs
Greenville, SC

“[My newsletter is] absolutely beautiful and ready to go [each quarter]. Thank you so much and I am so happy I decided to work with dogbiz! One of my best decisions so far.” 

–Bryony Aviles, Sandy Paws LLC, Branford, CT


Email Newsletter Only


one-time start up fee 

includes your custom branded email newsletter template design, set-up on the platform of your choice (Clicks!, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc.) + complimentary training to get you up and running


per quarter

includes content ready for you to add in to 3 monthly email newsletters along with any of your own content (like service announcements or pics from a recent class)

You pay $250 + $150 your first quarter, and then just $150 per quarter thereafter for a great marketing and R+ education tool

Print Newsletter Only


one-time start up fee 

includes your custom branded print newsletter nameplate and signature plate + complimentary training on how to use your newsletter and how to make the most of newsletter marketing 


per quarter

includes your quarterly content laid out in your newsletter, and your area exclusivity

You pay $250 + $150 your first quarter, and then just $150 per quarter thereafter for a great marketing and community education tool

Email & Print Newsletter


one-time start up fee 

includes your custom branded print newsletter nameplate and signature plate, custom-branded and set up email newsletter template + complimentary training on using and making the most of both


per quarter

includes your quarterly content laid out in your quarterly print newsletter, content for your monthly email newsletter, and your area exclusivity for print distribution

You pay $350 + $150 your first quarter, and then just $150 per quarter thereafter for two great marketing and R+ education tools

Just need the writing?

If you’ve already got an email newsletter or prefer to design your own, your start-up fee is reduced to $50, and $150 per quarter gets the writing done for you

Ready to let us do some marketing for you?

$150 per quarter saves you a minimum of 10 hours of work—how much can you make in those 10 hours helping dogs?

Get our free dogbiz checklist: 7 Steps to Launching a Successful Newsletter 

Industry Perks​

Karen Pryor Academy logo

Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner Member?

As a KPA CTP Premium Member, you receive a custom-branded newsletter incorporating your KPA status to make the most of your prestigious affiliation.

CATCH logo

CATCH Canine Trainers Academy Student or Graduate?

As a CATCH trainer, you have the option of a custom-branded newsletter with your name and logo, along with the CATCH logo to advertise your training expertise.

VSPDT logo

Victoria Stilwell Positively Trainer?

As a VSPDT, you have the option of a VSPDT branded newsletter with your name and logo, or a custom-branded newsletter with the VSPDT logo included. Either way, use your newsletter to take full advantage of your Victoria Stilwell connection.

The Newsletter Service team​

Your Writer: Harriet

Harriet puts pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) each quarter to provide engaging, valuable content for your readers. No stranger to writing about dogs, Harriet has written for Australian Dog Lover magazine, BHARCS, Our Good Brands and the Pet Dog Trainers of Europe. She completed a creative writing major (BA) at the University of Melbourne and loves taking knotty topics and turning them into accessible and fun content.

Your Designer: Bob

With 25 years of professional design work under his belt, Bob will take your newsletter name, logo, and brand colors and create two unique, branded designs for you to choose from. You’ll most likely have a tough time deciding between them, but you get a round of change requests just in case you need them to get your design just right.

Picture of Deborsha Lashway, Officer Manager

Your Project Manager: Deborsha

Deborsha’s the one who will make your newsletter happen. She’ll let you know if your area is available and then coordinate all the steps to customize your newsletter template, get you set up with one of our consultants for your complimentary newsletter marketing chat, and answer any questions you have along the way.

Picture of DWA Instructor and Consultant, Alexis Davison

Quality Control: Veronica & Alexis

All content is reviewed first by dogbiz founder Veronica Boutelle to check for a solid R+ stance, training and behavior accuracy, and to avoid material that might cause controversy with marketing partners like veterinarians. Then Alexis Davison, our Australian business consultant, looks over our Aussie / NZ version to double check for Down Under spelling and catch any “Americanisms” that might cause confusion.

Newsletter Service Policies & FAQ

Is there a minimum commitment for the Newsletter Service?

Yes. All marketing takes time to take effect, so we ask subscribers to commit to a year (4 quarterly payments cover 4 quarterly print newsletters and/or 12 monthly email newsletters) to give your newsletter time to work for you.

What if someone in my area already has the Newsletter Service?

We only let one trainer per area use the print version of the newsletter, so if your area is taken, we’ll put you on our wait list. Should the current subscriber ever give up their spot, we’ll let you know.

How can I find out if my area is available?

Click the sign-up button and fill out the simple form you find there. We’ll check availability then email to let you know.

How do you determine a Newsletter Service area?

We work with you. When you fill out the sign-up form, you’ll let us know about your service area. In most cases we’re able to grant the area as you describe it. If your area is too large, we’ll let you know and work with you to find a solution.

I already have a design for my newsletter. Can I just get the writing?

You bet. Click the “Copy only” option during the sign up process. If your area is available, you’ll pay a $50 start-up fee and $150 per quarter for copy. We’ll send you the images for each quarter, too.

Ready to grow your business and spread the R+ word?