Let’s get those puppies socialized!

Use OS Puppy Passports for an easy, inexpensive way to motivate puppy parents

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Why use OS Puppy Passports

Get your students and clients out there with their puppies

By setting specific, fun weekly socialization goals for puppies—including people to meet and places to go—passports gamify socialization, making it easier and more motivating for busy clients and students to get their pups out into the world for positive socialization experiences.

Help students and clients get socialization right

Easy-to-understand socialization scoring guides and simple Lili Chin body language illustrations help students and clients rate their pup’s socialization experiences and avoid negative situations.

And the clear, simple record keeping gives you an easy way to assess each pup’s progress, identify early warning signs of trouble, and personalize training plans.

Build referral relationships while helping puppies

You set weekly goals for where students and clients take their pups, providing a natural excuse to chat with other business owners about your own while letting them know you’re sending potential customers their way. What easier way to begin a potential referral relationship?
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Picture of the Puppy Passport

What you get

High-quality, full-color booklets include:

Information about R+ training methods 

An overview of the importance and basic rules of socialization

Socialization scoring guides and Lili Chin body language illustrations 

What to do when a puppy is uncomfortable or scared 

Socialization safety guidelines

Specific goals for all major socialization categories 

Using OS Puppy Passports, your students and clients will be able to:

Confidently identify when their puppies are and are not comfortable

Know what to do when their puppies are scared

Understand the importance of puppy socialization

Understand the importance and role of R+ training methods

Actively socialize their puppies to new places, people, animals, sounds, objects, and obstacles

Share and discuss their puppies’ reactions with you



Increase socialization compliance and efficacy for just $2.50 per puppy

10 Puppy Passports

$25 + shipping

20 Puppy Passports

$50 + shipping

40 Puppy Passports

$100 + shipping

60 Puppy Passports

$150 + shipping

80 Puppy Passports

$200 + shipping

100 Puppy Passports

$250 + shipping

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