A dogbiz University Course

The Best Classes In Town

“Your curriculum design class was the missing piece in my education and helped me grow as a teacher. I can’t thank you enough.” 

–John Buginas, former SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers instructor, San Francisco, CA

Smooth out class income peaks and valleys and set students up for success in class and in real life

No matter your class program size, whether a couple sessions a week or a full-blown schedule, we’ll show you how to work less for more success—yours and your students.

Having the best classes in town means:

  1. Filling your classes—and keeping them full
  2. Students who come back after puppy & basic
  3. No more missed sessions & make-up hassles
  4. Teaching multiple skill levels with ease
  5. Consistent income without peaks & valleys
  6. Calm, easy, focused classes
  7. Student success in class & in real life

What you get:

  • Inspiring, expert instruction
  • One year access to session recordings
  • Presentation materials for note taking
  • Two bonus modules about structuring online classes and coaching clients and students online, taken from our Survive & Thrive series

The Best Classes In Town is 5 modules + 3 bonus modules.

Bonus Modules

The Secret to Classroom Management
Tired of feeling on the edge of chaos? Stressed by challenging students or situations? In this bonus module you’ll learn the real secret to enjoying a calm classroom with focused students and dogs. (It will likely surprise you.)…
Plus we’ll share a full toolbox of tips for gracefully handling common classroom situations like reactive dogs, unmanaged children, chatty and distracted students, students who don’t engage during practice sessions, and students who challenge your R+ training approach or continue to share or use outdated training ideas during class.

This module aims to give you everything you need to feel fully and confidently in control of your classes, no matter their make-up or what unexpected situations arise.

Online Classes
If you’ve suddenly found yourself under pandemic restrictions that require you to take your class program online, this bonus module can help you sort through structuring challenges, course offerings and best business practices for online classes.

Coaching Clients & Students Online
Online learning is changing the way we coach clients. In this bonus module, we review instructional strategies for effective online teaching, and discuss how to assess our students’ progress along the way.

Five modules. Four pillars. Three bonus lessons. Training success for your students and their dogs.
Ready to make yours the best classes in town?

Course Dates & Times

This course is available on demand. Take at your own pace, on your own schedule. Students have one year to complete this six hour course.


Class only

Class + Curriculum
$745 ($100 savings)
Best Classes in Town class + one curriculum package of your choice (Puppy, Basic, or Topics)


  • One years’ access to all recorded lessons
  • Presentation materials


Veronica Boutelle

Founder and THRIVE! Coach

Recorded Lessons

Course runs approximately six hours.

Listen to pre-recorded lessons at your own speed.

Lessons run from 10-30 minutes.

Course Presentation Materials

Downloadable presentation materials for note taking

“This course is seriously impactful. Every now and then I learn something that makes a huge change in what I do and I definitely think this is going to be another one for me. This is game changing.”

Nick Benger
Amazon TV’s “The Pack” & host of the Dog Talk Podcast

“The Best Classes in Town course opened my eyes to a whole new way of how classes can be taught. Not only can students gain more from this format, but it’s also beneficial to increase class enrollment. A win for students and for business owners!”
Kelly Fahey
Hunterdon, New Jersey
“I was stuck in a rut with my thinking about group classes, and feeling a growing personal disquiet about the outcomes for students. The Best Classes in Town course prodded at my old ideas in positive ways and gave me useful, practical guidance on how to reorganise our program structure and curriculum to provide greater benefit and value to handlers and dogs and to me as the instructor, too.”
Amanda Jenkins
Melbourne Australia

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