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How To Write a Professional Dog Walking Bio

Getting the About page on your website right can make the difference between getting a phone call, text, or email from a potential client or having them move on without reaching out. Unfortunately, too many dog walking websites get the About page all wrong. The most common mistakes stem from a misunderstanding of the purpose […]

5 Tips for a Successful Dog Walking Business

Running a small business is hard work, even when you get to spend many of your business hours outdoors with cheerful canine companions. Given that it’s that part of the job—the dog part—that you’re probably in this for, you want to make sure you have plenty of dogs to walk. And we want to make […]

Dog Walkers, Meet Dog Trainers—It Could Be a Match Made in Heaven

By Nan Arthur, San Diego and Ventura, CA Dog Walking Academy instructor and owner of Whole Dog Training As a dog trainer, I can attest that many trainers and behavior experts wish there were some sort of dating-like service to help them find the perfect match. Not for dating, of course, but to help connect […]

Dog Walking Equipment—The Choice Is Yours (Not Your Clients’)

These days we’re swimming in an almost endless choice of collars, harnesses, and other walking equipment options. There are also endless opinions about which is best. But as a professional dog walker, it’s your opinion that matters. While each client may have preferred tools for walking their own dogs, when you’re doing the walking, the […]

4 Tips To Organize Your Dog Walking Business For Success

Setting yourself up for success—whether at the beginning of a new year or whenever the need to take firmer control strikes—can feel daunting. Where to start? How to begin? If you’re feeling disorganized, less productive than you’d like, frustrated by your business’ slow growth, or dismayed by a work/life balance that is…well, unbalanced, it’s time […]