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How To Fire a Dog

Sometimes, despite all our love for dogs, things don’t work out. It may be a bad personality match. (Most of us have met a dog or two who just gets under our skin, though we feel badly admitting it.) More often it’s a behavior issue that becomes too challenging or risky to manage—stranger aggression or […]

What To Do When You Can’t Pay Your Taxes

By guest author Marie Poliseno, CPA, of Dollars & Scents Accounting Services. Don’t have the money to pay your taxes this year, for whatever reason? Maybe you’ve just started your new dog walking business and are struggling with cash flow issues. Or your trusty dog walking vehicle gave up the ghost, forcing you to clear […]

Time-Outs for Dog Walkers: Vacations for Longevity

Have you taken a vacation recently? Do you have one planned? If you answered yes to either question, woo-hoo! (If you answered yes to both, double high five!) If you said no, this article is for you. I’m concerned about the number of dog walkers I work with, teach, and talk to who don’t take […]

Maximizing Client Referrals

A referral is worth a thousand words—and thousands of dollars, too. So it pays to have a strategic referral plan to help keep your dog walking schedule—and your bank account—full. If you don’t like marketing, that’s all the more reason to cultivate client referrals: Encouraging and rewarding referrals is one of the easiest, least stressful […]

Making the Right Travel Deductions for Your Dog Walking Business

As a dog pro CPA, dog walkers often ask me what types of business expenses are deductible on their tax returns. Vehicle-related tax deductions seem to cause the most concern and confusion. Common questions include “I use my car for both business and personal use. How much of my insurance can I deduct?” “I drive […]