You Deserve Some Help

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You Deserve Some Help

Hiring: You Deserve Help

Most dog service businesses are one-person affairs. If you run one, you know what it’s like to juggle a multitude of tasks and wear too many hats at once: Trainer/walker/sitter/daycare or boarding operator, administrative assistant, marketing manager, bookkeeper, accountant, customer service rep, even janitor. We find in our business consulting work and when on the […]

Staff Reviews That Work

Staff performance reviews enjoy near-universal unpopularity—dreaded by employer and employee alike. For the employer, reviews feel like meaningless busywork, something you are expected to do but which never really seems productive or useful. Many employers are also uncomfortable having to assess people and possibly deliver criticisms. For the employee, the process can be both punishing […]

Staff Training That Works

Job training is essential to the success of your business. The better trained your employees are, the smarter they work. Well-trained employees are more engaged and more likely to solve problems independently. Because they feel more valued, they are happier in their jobs, which in turn is reflected in their productivity. And yet, job training […]

Hiring Help: 3 Tips for Dog Pros

It’s not easy becoming a dog pro. It takes tremendous time, energy, and persistence to attain the right education, open up shop, and attract enough clients to sustain and grow your small business. You work hard to establish and market your brand, network with trusted peers, and attract those worth-their-weight-in-gold recommendations from friends, vets, and […]

6 Tips For Keeping Great Employees

We’ve written about the importance of hiring help to get the support you need to push your business forward while maintaining a sustainable work/life balance. We’ve talked about finding and hiring the right people for the job. But equally important is doing what it takes to keep good people when you find them. Employee turnover costs time […]