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Dog Walking

Navigating Your Dog Walking Business Through the Coronavirus

We know some of you are already experiencing cancellations and revenue loss due to the Coronavirus and others are bracing for the same. We wanted to share some ideas for navigating your business through this stressful and frightening time. There are precious few solid answers right now. We don’t know for sure when this will […]

Dog Walking Equipment—The Choice Is Yours (Not Your Clients’)

These days we’re swimming in an almost endless choice of collars, harnesses, and other walking equipment options. There are also endless opinions about which is best. But as a professional dog walker, it’s your opinion that matters. While each client may have preferred tools for walking their own dogs, when you’re doing the walking, the […]

Dog Walking Equipment—How To Decide What’s Right For You

To say there’s a new dog walking tool on the market every month these days is only a slight exaggeration. The last ten years have seen an explosion of (often derivative and sometimes innovative) variation in dog walking collars, harnesses, and leashes. As a professional dog walker, how do you decide what to use when […]

How To Write a Professional Dog Walking Bio

Getting the About page on your website right can make the difference between getting a phone call, text, or email from a potential client or having them move on without reaching out. Unfortunately, too many dog walking websites get the About page all wrong. The most common mistakes stem from a misunderstanding of the purpose […]

Getting Organized: Tips for Choosing Your Dog Walking Groups

Which dogs you walk can be the difference between a lovely, relaxing evening reflecting on your good fortune to have the best job in the world, or a jittery one contemplating a prescription for Xanax. The more carefully you choose the dogs you walk, the easier and more enjoyable your job as a dog walker. […]