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Money Matters

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Money Matters

Writing Policies Clients Respect

We’ve often written about the need for good policies—and what makes them good. Our advice has included tips on putting solid policies into place, delivering your policies in writing and verbally, and sticking to them—including thinking ahead about what constitutes a reasonable exception and, perhaps more importantly, what does not. We’ve talked about understanding the […]

The Power of Choice in Your Dog Business

We strive to give the animals in our care the power to make choices. We know choice can be reinforcing and can help to build trust. The same holds true for us. Choices are empowering, providing a sense of control. But when it comes to business we sometimes operate as if we’re powerless, stuck in […]

Set Your Rates Right

Most of us are dog lovers first, trainers second, and business men and women dead last. A number of challenges arise from this reality, including a pervasive sense of guilt about charging money for what we do. This guilt is then alleviated with chronic undercharging, the result of which is an income level that keeps […]

Are You Losing Money? Smart Rates & Policies

You’ve heard of “death by a thousand cuts”? The phrase can be traced to lingchi, an ancient Chinese form of torture in which the victim was…well, we’ll leave it to your imagination. Suffice to say it wasn’t a quick way to go. We know you’d never subject yourself to such a thing. But what about […]

Dog Pros & The New Tax Code

  A dogbiz Conversation With Dog Pro CPA Marie Poliseno Our clients have questions and concerns about how the new tax bill will affect them and their businesses, and we’ve been watching the conversation and debate about the topic on dog pro social media sites, including our Dog Walking Academy grad FB page. We thought […]