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Money Matters

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Money Matters

Good Policies Save Money

Running a business without effective policies is like driving a car without oil. The car—or your business—runs less and less effectively until, finally, it breaks down. To avoid spending time on the side of the road, here are some tips to tune up your policies. Scheduling Policy Set your schedule up for success. “What time […]

How To Talk Turkey (Money, That Is) With Your Dog Training Clients

We all know to avoid topics like sex, politics, and religion when talking to potential clients. Most dog trainers would like to include money in that list, too. Unfortunately it’s an unavoidable subject, but talking about the price of your services doesn’t have to be uncomfortable for you or your clients. Setting the right tone […]

Why You Should List Your Rates on Your Website

Very few dog pros I know are comfortable talking about their rates with potential clients. Let’s face it: We’re dog lovers, not salespeople. But you shouldn’t let that discomfort extend to your website. In fact, handling the numbers right on your site can make the over-the-phone or in-person sales process much easier on yourself—and on […]

Raising Your Rates–Why, When, & How

In our consulting work we’ve noticed dog pros share a nearly universal fear of raising rates. If you’ve put a rate increase off, worried your clients will leave you in a mass exodus, this article is for you. Why Raise Your Rates? To make a living. Our job at dogbiz is to help people make […]

Smart Discounts for Dog Pros: Don’t Give the Store Away

Everybody loves a deal, and everyone loves to spend less if they can, no matter their socio-economic standing. Have you been hearing “Do you have a discount for (fill in the blank)?” a lot lately and wondering how to respond? Are you tempted to offer discounts when business is slow? Here are some discount do’s […]