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Business Smarts: What Dog Pros Need To Know

We all know the importance of being dog smart—of keeping up-to-date on solid, scientific knowledge of dogs and dog behavior. Not only is knowing dogs critical to our success, whether we’re training, walking, or otherwise caring for them, it’s also critical to taking responsible, professional care of these creatures we all love. But what about […]

Yikes! What to do with negative reviews

There’s no sugar coating it – bad reviews hurt. Receiving negative feedback can be challenging even for the most resilient, and if it’s in the public sphere it can be doubly hard. Nowadays the court of public opinion is everywhere. From social media, Yelp and Google business listings, to good old-fashioned word of mouth, discussing […]

5 service ideas to inspire your dog business this year

One of our favorite things about our THRIVE! program is the inventive flow of ideas that members generate for their businesses. Whether it’s services, ways of working, products or packages, we love witnessing these innovations. The best new endeavors usually have a clear purpose and help to enhance the client experience, as well as making […]

Spring Clean Your Dog Business

  A yearly sprucing and polishing of your R+ dog business can increase your efficiency and productivity, bump up your bottom line, and lead to greater enjoyment of your work. And if that’s not enough, here’s a bonus: unlike household spring cleaning this practice requires no mops, spray bottles, or feather dusters! Ready to roll […]

Finding the Courage to Succeed

Running a small business is scary. It’s a lot of great things, too—freedom and control over your schedule, who you work with, and how you work, just to name a few. But it’s also scary. There’s a lot of uncertainty and a lot of responsibility. For most dog pros, owning a business also requires stepping […]