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Making Difficult Conversations Less Difficult

As positive reinforcement-based dog professionals, we tend to care deeply about others’ feelings, and naturally dislike conflict. For many of us, just the thought of a difficult conversation makes our stomach turn. But take heart when faced with one. It means you’ve made a decision to improve something in your situation. Hold on to that […]

Mastering the 3 S’s in Your R+ Dog Business

As a R+ dog pro, you know all about working the 3 D’s with dogs—that’d be distance, duration, and distraction, of course. But what about the 3 S’s in your business? We want to see you running a dog business that is financially Successful, without those stomach-dropping slow months. We want to see you doing […]

Some R+ to Start 2021

2020 was indisputably a crazy, rough, challenging year. But challenge can bring out the best in us, create new possibilities, invite us to rise to it. We saw a lot of that in our industry this last year. We ourselves here at dogbiz were in a privileged position to watch dog pros like yourself make […]

Looking Forward & Taking the Lead

The end of any year is a time for reflection, but of course this hasn’t been just any year. Let’s just say 2020 has provided an awful lot of reflection fodder. If last year has taught us anything, it’s how much is not under our control. At dogbiz it’s also reminded us of one very […]

5 Things Successful Dog Pros Do

It’s not uncommon for dog guardians to note that their best friends behave better in the hands of a dog pro than they do at home. One reason for that? We dog pros behave differently. For example, R+ dog trainers and dog walkers are more likely to notice and reward good behavior. We employ higher […]