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Getting Organized

Man working while holding his dog

Getting Organized

Looking back to look forward

It’s easy to develop a reactive approach to business in the dog industry. When clients call, we often jump, particularly if there is a dog in need. When we’re worried about growth, we scramble to post  marketing messages on social media or design fliers. If we’ve recognized a gap in our own skills, it can […]

Time to Train that Inbox

If you ever feel that the definition of happiness is an empty inbox, you’re not alone. A report from Adobe found that 42% of Americans admitted to checking their email in the bathroom, and 50% checked their email while in bed. The goal towards inbox zero can take over our lives, and for small business […]

How To Do It All (By Not Doing It All)

Imagine a job description which read: Seeking a motivated and passionate individual with expertise in marketing, accounting, customer service, web design, operations, management, event planning, coaching and networking. Must also have a thorough understanding of canine and human behavior and be willing to lie awake at 3am pondering training plans. Being a dog professional can […]

Finish Your Year Strong—Here’s How

It’s easy to feel optimistic in January. With the year spread out in front of us, we can believe we’ll get all the things on our to-do lists done. Two thirds of the way through, though, it’s easy to feel defeated. With holidays and the end of another year looming, tasks and projects still languishing […]

The Software Your Dog Biz Needs

The world gets more high tech every day, and we dog pros aren’t always the first in the rush to adopt new technology. Learning curves can be time consuming and tech learning curves are their own brand of pain. But there’s a lot of software out there ready to make a powerful difference in how […]