Getting Organized

Man working while holding his dog

Getting Organized

It’s Time To Take Some Time Off

Depending on where you live, summers and holidays likely see RVs rolling down the highway, station wagons and SUVs loaded down with bicycles and camping gear, school-age children screaming through local parks in the middle of the weekdays, or tourists sauntering about with cameras and pointing index fingers. What about you? Did you get a break […]

7 Tips for Getting More Done “At Work”

There are all kinds of advantages to working from home in your own dog business. Obviously hanging out with the dogs is top of the list. Working in your pajamas, setting your own schedule, running to the kitchen for a tea or coffee hit, and the absence of distracting coworkers and unreasonable supervisors probably make […]

Get A Successful Start To Your Dog Pro Day

As small business owners we live with never-ending to-do lists and a constant frustration that there aren’t more hours in the day. While we can’t do anything about that last complaint, it turns out that how we use the first hour of each day can significantly improve the productivity of the rest. Many successful people […]

Using Your Master Schedule

We’ve written at various points about the benefits of using a master schedule—an organizational tool that allots regular, pre-set slots of time for specific tasks. A dog trainer’s master schedule might, for example, include specific times each week for seeing private training clients, teaching classes, prepping for each, marketing, administrative tasks, and so on. A […]