Getting Organized

Man working while holding his dog

Getting Organized

Taming Your To-Do List

Owning a small business is big work. The to-do list extends far beyond the obvious tasks involving taking care of your human and canine clients. First of all, there’s all the admin work that comes along for that ride. Then there’s marketing to get those clients in the first place. And what about all the […]

Client Follow Up—How, How Often, and When to Let It Go

You know you should follow up with clients, that it’s part of good customer service. But you worry about intruding, irritating, being perceived as a pest. And now, on top of typical questions about follow up (how, how often, when to stop), there’s the complication of what to do about clients whose services were interrupted […]

The Power of Choice in Your Dog Business

We strive to give the animals in our care the power to make choices. We know choice can be reinforcing and can help to build trust. The same holds true for us. Choices are empowering, providing a sense of control. But when it comes to business we sometimes operate as if we’re powerless, stuck in […]

Let It Ring

Ring, Ring! Many dog pros feel like slaves to their telephones, reporting a near compulsion to answer them no matter the hour, inconvenience, or what else may be going on. What if the call goes to voice mail and the potential client moves on to another choice? Put the Phone Down There are several compelling […]

How To Get More Hours Out Of Your Day

Despite all of mankind’s advancements we’ve still not found a way to add hours to the day, be two places at once, or stop time to get a few more things done. Most small business owners long for these breakthroughs. But as they don’t appear imminent, here are some non-science fiction approaches to lengthen your […]