Getting Organized

Man working while holding his dog

Getting Organized

The Well-Scheduled Dog Pro

Structure abounds in our culture and we’re accustomed to its rule. From school and college and into the workplace, the majority of us rely throughout our lives on some form of exterior framework to keep us on track. Little wonder, then, that many small business owners struggle with the sudden lack of direction self-employment presents. […]

Use Your Space

If you have your own space, you know the responsibility of carrying monthly overhead and the extra chores involved in keeping a facility running. But are you making the most of it? Brand it. Clients having a good experience in your space is the most important thing– that they enjoy and benefit from your classes […]

Using Your Dog Training Skills For Personal Change

We all spend too much time beating ourselves up about things we’d like to change, whether it’s a bad habit or not executing important business tasks. Any number of things can weigh heavy on our shoulders. And as we get busier, the burden of the bad habit, or the workload of being behind on important […]

Work Smart: Making the Most of Your Desk Time

Not so long ago, we thought of multitasking as something only computers could do. But now it’s a required skill listed on most human job descriptions, usually somewhere after “detail-oriented.” And with cell phones, Twitter, CNN, and flat-screen TVs on gym treadmills all vying for our attention, we can be forgiven for thinking ourselves capable […]

Ask For Help

If you’re reading this column, chances are you’ve been trained to work with dogs, and well trained. But running a business, any business, calls for a Renaissance skill set and unreasonable amounts of time: in past columns I’ve touched on the stress of adding administrative duties, accounting, bookkeeping, marketing, etc. to your job as dog […]