Training Practices

Studious Golden Lab

Training Practices

5 Tips for Successful Client Participation

If you get a group of dog trainers together there is generally one thing they agree on: motivating and inspiring clients can be tough. In an age of busy living, quick fix solutions, and information overload, it’s easy for clients to lose ‘training steam’ or find it difficult to make long-term changes. Yet client participation […]

Want your training classes to stand out? Get specific!

What do you think of when you hear ‘dog training class’? For many, a six week course teaching a set of basic skills may come to mind. It may be a puppy course, or general manners for adult dogs. While this format remains one of the most common, it doesn’t have to be. At dogbiz […]

Making Difficult Conversations Less Difficult

As positive reinforcement-based dog professionals, we tend to care deeply about others’ feelings, and naturally dislike conflict. For many of us, just the thought of a difficult conversation makes our stomach turn. But take heart when faced with one. It means you’ve made a decision to improve something in your situation. Hold on to that […]

Pointers for Productive, Profitable Training Packages

You want to make the biggest possible difference in the lives of clients and their dogs. You want to see the bond between them grow, see their relationship develop into joyful, mutually-rewarding companionship. Want to know the best way to ensure that happens? Here’s the simple secret: It’s more time with YOU. The more you’re […]

Win With Packages

Cases that don’t solve and clients that fade away before their behavior modification plan is completed are common complaints among dog trainers. So is not knowing from week to week what your schedule will look like. A package format—in which clients agree to and pay for a number of sessions up front—can revitalize your private […]