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Training Practices

Studious Golden Lab

Training Practices

The Dog Training Class Revolution

Many years ago in my previous career, I taught learning theory and curriculum development to teachers and graduate students pursuing their master’s degrees in education at one of the top-ranked education programs in the country. My students’ biggest challenge was learning to translate theory into practice. It’s one thing to understand how people learn, and […]

Successful Dog Training Classes

What criteria do you use to judge the success of your classes? Trainers often say they feel good about an hour spent teaching when they see students laugh and smile. When they see dogs performing. When everyone seems to be having a good time. They feel good when their lessons have gone as expected. When […]

Breaking Up With Clients Is Hard To Do

The old song says that breaking up is hard to do. If you’ve ever had to part ways with a client, you know that it’s true. So true, in fact, that dog pros often wait far too long to let challenging clients go, choosing to live with ongoing stress rather than face the uncomfortable moment […]

… And Repeat. Using Repetition to Help Dog Owners Succeed

Dog trainers have an interesting resistance to repetition. I’ve noticed this pop up in many places—in our conversations with dogbiz business consulting clients about their training programs and classes, in chats with trainers at our trade show booths at conferences, in online Facebook and forum conversations. I hear trainers bemoan having to repeat concepts to […]