Training Practices

Studious Golden Lab

Training Practices

5 Tips for Building Client Compliance

Gaining client compliance is an ongoing struggle for dog trainers. It’s no wonder in this age of over-scheduled living; it’s hard enough to learn a new skill set and change habits when you have plenty of time on your hands. Here are five pointers to help clients get more from your services in our busy […]

Anatomy of a Successful Puppy Training Program

A lot is said and written about the importance of early puppy socialization and training. Which leads to a lot being said and written about the challenges of client compliance. How do we get people to take their pups out into the world despite their busy schedules? When you want something done right, do it […]

Troubleshooting Day Training

The benefits of day training are many and powerful. For you, easier marketing and sales, better income, better case outcomes, increased personal satisfaction, and you actually get to train dogs. For your clients, convenience, better and faster results, and more long-lasting results, too. For the dogs, better treatment and increased bonding with their people. After […]

Better Case Resolution

In our one-on-one work with trainers we are often asked to help bring down the number of unsolved behavior cases—by which I mean those clients a trainer sees once or twice, maybe more, without resolution. In such cases clients don’t meet their goals, dogs are not helped, and business suffers. I have said in past […]

Keep Students Coming Back After Puppy & Basic

For most of us the phrase “dog training class” conjures a picture of a six-week sequential program. Though this is by far the most common public class iteration, there are no rules that say it has to be. We’re seeing clients experience great success with topics classes. These are shorter classes than typical programs — usually […]