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Starting A Dog Business

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Starting A Dog Business

Ready For Full Time?

Are you dreaming about making your full-time living as a dog trainer, dog walker, or similar? Maybe you have a part-time hobby business you don’t know how to take further. Or you’ve never been sure how to take the first step to start your dog business. Either way, there’s the big transition challenge: How do […]

Your business doesn’t have to be a solo venture

If you’re stepping into another phase of your business, it’s normal to experience mixed emotions – excitement, fear, overwhelm, determination. Whether you’re on the cusp of launching your dog training career or adding a new service to your work, it can also feel a little lonely. Many dog trainers work alone, and if you’re used […]

5 Things Successful Dog Pros Do

It’s not uncommon for dog guardians to note that their best friends behave better in the hands of a dog pro than they do at home. One reason for that? We dog pros behave differently. For example, R+ dog trainers and dog walkers are more likely to notice and reward good behavior. We employ higher […]

Become a Full-Time Dog Pro, Part 4

In the first three parts of this series about transitioning from a current job or career to full-time dog trainer, dog walker, or other dog pro we’ve looked at: How to determine what you need to earn and whether the business you envision has the potential to get you there.  Read Part 1 Making necessary […]

Become a Full-Time Dog Pro, Part 3

In part 2 of this 4-part series on creating a transition plan to full-time dog trainer, dog walker, or other dog pro, we looked at assessments, adjustments, and priority-setting at home, at work, and in your business to help get you through your transition as quickly as possible. This month we turn to lining up […]