Starting A Dog Business

Small dog leaping over a hurdle

Starting A Dog Business

Going Pro

Do you dream about working with dogs full time, but can’t see how to get there? Do you struggle with a part-time dog business, telling yourself you’ll keep the other job just until the business takes off? It’s a common refrain. In our work we’ve seen every kind of dog business model and every type […]

How To Become a Dog Trainer: 3 Must-Take Steps

Ready to leave behind your cubicle, demanding boss, 9-to-5 hours, difficult co-workers, exhausting commute, mind-numbing/ stressful/ dissatisfying work? Dreaming instead of clickers, grateful clients, happy dogs, flexible hours, and looking forward to your workday? Sounds like dog training might be for you. If you’re serious about being a professional dog trainer, you’ll need to set […]

A Dog Walker’s Checklist

Professional dog walking has grown rapidly over the last ten years, and the collapse of the economy has sent a new flood of dog lovers into the field. Because walking is a young business, there is currently no regulating body to dictate the standards of care or qualifications for the work. But walking dogs, particularly […]