Starting A Dog Business

Small dog leaping over a hurdle

Starting A Dog Business

Ready For Full Time?

Are you dreaming about making your full-time living as a dog trainer, dog walker, or similar? Maybe you have a part-time hobby business you don’t know how to take further. Or you’ve never been sure how to take the first step to start your dog business. Either way, there’s the big transition challenge: How do […]

How To Become a Dog Walker: 3 Must-Take Steps

Ready to leave behind your cubicle, demanding boss, 9-to-5 hours, difficult co-workers, exhausting commute, mind-numbing/ stressful/ dissatisfying work? Dreaming instead of happy dogs, grateful clients, fresh air, daily exercise, flexible hours, and looking forward to your workday? Sounds like dog walking might be for you. If you’re serious about being a professional dog walker, you’ll […]

Making a Living with Dogs: 7 Steps to a New Career

Ever wish you could quit your day job and live life with the dogs? Perhaps you sit at your work desk dreaming of being a dog walker? Maybe you drift off during meetings, imagining yourself training canines? Or stare past customers, planning your own doggie daycare? In short, do you want to work with dogs […]

4 Tips for Business Success

We’re asked often by clients and workshop attendees as we lecture across the country for the secrets to success in this industry. Here’s what we tell them. 1. Get and keep yourself educated Whether you are already or wish to become a dog trainer, walker, sitter, or daycare or boarding facility owner, you owe it […]

Dog Walking For a Living

Gazing outside from behind the dreary landscape of our desks, few are the people who can say they’ve never given a thought to a career change that involved working outside–river guide, perhaps, or a rancher or deckhand on a luxury liner. For many dog lovers, those rosy-tinged, outdoorsy dreams concern dog walking. A life of […]