Marketing Your Dog Biz

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Marketing Your Dog Biz

Sending Clients on a Successful Journey

Think about the client journey as a marketing roadmap to your training services and classes. Another way to put it: A client journey is the complete experience a dog lover has with your business, from start to finish. Everyone who comes into contact with your business takes a journey with you. Careful cultivation of that […]

How to Get Better (& More) Referrals

Referrals are the gold standard of marketing, and for good reason. One solid referral source can keep a dog trainer or dog walker consistently busy. But whether your dog training or walking business needs more clients or just more of the right clients, the trick isn’t getting referrals, it’s getting great referrals—ones that send your […]

How To Make News With a Press Release

Press releases are an easy—and free—way to draw attention to your dog training, walking, or daycare business. A good press release gives local news outlets the chance to see what you’re up to and possibly cover your story, providing you publicity and adding credibility to your status as a local canine expert. You can also […]

Taming Social Media: An Easier Approach to Great Content

Oh, the time vortex that is social media! The black hole! The hamster wheel! The endless worry and fretting over what to post, the constant search for ideas, the daily back-of-the-mind nagging to find time to sit down and post something brilliant… It’s easy to spend a lot of time on social media getting very […]

The Ultimate Gift Exchange

“I’ve been thinking about working with you since I saw you speak at the PPG Summit,” she told me.   “Oh, wonderful!” I replied. “How did you enjoy Portland?”   “Unfortunately I didn’t get to the Portland summit—I saw you back in 2016. I turned in a card for a free webinar at your booth […]