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Training plans & aids:

Operant approaches
Classical approaches
Combination approaches
Management options

Behaviors covered:

Resource guarding
Separation anxiety
Handling issues
On-leash dog reactivity
Off-leash dog reactivity
Stranger fear & aggression
Demand & watchdog barking
Submissive urination
House training

All training plans include:

An overview summary of the issue
Recommendation for length of training plan for maximum success
Step-by-step training plans arranged session-by-session
Specific parameters and criteria setting goals
Common sticking points and mistakes to avoid
Management plans and tips
Space for your training notes
Notes on amending plan to coaching, day training, or B&T services

With the B-Mod Toolkit you’ll be able to:

Streamline your private training prep
Save countless hours not reinventing the training plan wheel
Improve client success and case outcomes
Confidently offer coaching, day training, or board & train services