Make running your dog walking or pet sitting business easy

The original business toolkit for dog walkers & pet sitters, from the most trusted source in the dog biz


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What you get

Contracts & Waivers:

Dog walking contract
Drop-in sitting contract
In-home sitting contract
Dog boarding contract

Care summary forms:

Dog walk summary chart
Group walk record sheet
Dog walking equipment checklist
Dog walking daily report sheet
Dog walking daily report card
Dog walking weekly report card
Pet sitting & boarding care summary
Pet sitting equipment list
Boarding report form
Pet sitting visit report sheets

Employee forms:

Dog walker job descriptions
Pet sitting job description
Office manager job description
Admin job description
Dog walker task sheet
Pet sitter task sheet
Office manager task sheet
Admin task sheet

Screening & intake forms:

Dog walking screening worksheet
Dog walking phone screening form
Dog walking intake interview form
Dog walking screening & intake questions
Pet sitting & boarding screening worksheet
Pet sitting & boarding intake interview form
Pet sitting & boarding screening & intake questions

Emergency & Incident forms:

Animal injury report
Behavior concern report
Client emergency contact list
Dog fight protocols
Dog incident report
Emergency numbers list
Employee injury report
Incident & emergency protocols
Medical concern report

Administrative tools:

Invoice form
Receipt form
Phone & email log
Client communication log
References form

Features & requirements

Business Toolkit for Walkers & Sitters Pricing

You’d likely pay a lawyer at least $300 for a single contract.
With the Business Toolkit you get multiple contracts plus all the other paperwork you need.

Business Toolkit for Walkers & Sitters

All the documents you need to run your walking or sitting business with ease.


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Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Reviews


“Great product and excellent value. The forms can be easily customized and branded. I use them on a daily basis. My clients love my reports and it gives me the professional edge over the ‘wannabe’ walkers out there. It was very convenient to have the toolkit instead of starting from scratch.”
–David McNaught, 4pawsand2feet, Camarillo, CA


“This toolkit has everything you need to let you hit the road running from day 1. You’re confident that you’re benefiting from the experience and expertise of the dogbiz team to give the best service for your clients, and the best care for their dogs.”
–Jeffrey Lee, Cheerful Dogs Walking, Singapore


“I have used the toolkit for my dog walking/boarding business since 2007. It’s been an immense help to me and an invaluable tool to my business.”
–Tracie Morgan, Dogs ‘N Sync, LLC, Billings, MT

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Why use the Business Toolkit for Walkers & Sitters

Run your business with confidence

Know you’re covered with contracts, intake interview forms, and all the paperwork you need to run a pro dog walking or pet sitting business.

Save time for what matters most

Our forms minimize your desk time to maximize your walking and pet care time. No need to reinvent the wheel—we’ve got it all done and ready for you.

Look like the dog pro you are

Put your best foot forward with professionally designed paperwork that’s clear, easy-to-use, editable, and branded with your business name and logo.

Be ready for anything & everything

Whether client contracts, new client intake, client communication, admin duties, employees or emergencies, you’ll have the paperwork you need.


Business Toolkit for Walkers & Sitters FAQ

Will your contracts work in my location?

Dog walkers and pet sitters all around the world use the Business Toolkit. We worked with lawyers to devise contracts that are easy to read and understand, and general enough to be used anywhere. As with any legal document, however, we recommend having a local lawyer review for any local requirements—doing so will be far less expensive than having a personalized contract drafted for you.

I don’t need everything on the toolkit—can I just buy one or two documents individually?

We only sell the toolkit as a whole, but we’ve priced it to be a bargain whether you use every document or just a single contract. (One contract from a lawyer would cost at least as much as our full toolkit!)