Business services for dog walkers

Graduated from the Dog Walking Academy and ready to step it up?

We can help you start your business or take your current biz to the next level.

Congratulations on completing your dog walking education with DogNostics Education and the Pet Professional Guild (PPG). We know the dog walking business inside and out, and we’d love to help:


Business Consulting

Put a friendly dogbiz consultant in your corner to support your dog walking business goals. Our expert guidance and step-by-step strategies will help you build a successful business you love.


Grow Your Business

Marketing and branding to attract your ideal clients.

dogbiz Writing Services

If your writing engine has stalled, let us do it for you! Our in-house writer can craft content to grow your business, from a new website to those pesky marketing projects you’ve been putting off. With a deep understanding of the dog industry, we can help boost your online presence and optimize your content.

Website and design

Your website is your ‘shop front’ – so make it compelling. We’ve done the research, and can recommend trusted designers who work primarily or exclusively with dog related businesses. Whether it’s a website, logo, or specific design project, our creative partners can help.

Newsletter Service

Newsletters are the perfect marketing tool to directly engage with dog lovers and share your business. If you don’t have time to write your own, our Newsletter Service is for you. We can help grow your business with a professionally-written and designed email and/or print newsletter, branded for your business.


Streamline Your Business

Tools and software to keep things running smoothly.

Business Toolkits

If you’ve just started your business, or find yourself drowning in admin, our Business Toolkits can save you. We provide the paperwork you need to run your dog walking business – editable and brandable to suit your needs.

Clicks! All-in-One Software

If you’re looking for all-in-one software to run your dog walking business, we recommend Clicks! by Digiwoof. Clicks! pulls all your software needs into one place with a variety of automations, including marketing campaigns, email newsletter delivery, social media scheduling, client intake and onboarding, billing, and reminders. 


Client Reviews

“There is so much to learn in this business, and you covered everything! You gave me the knowledge and confidence to start my own dream business.”

– Jill Merjeski

“Last year was an amazing year for me, closing 40% over my realistic target, and this year beat that by a further 10%! I’m thrilled and have you to thank.”

– Elizabeth Libby Wilson

“Business is great and so am I!! I am so happy with this profession. Thanks for all of your help…couldn’t have done it without you!”

–Michelle Ruth

Not sure where to start?

Contact our friendly client support manager Deborsha to help you find the best way to take advantage of what we offer.