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Your goal is to help dogs. Ours is to help you succeed.

You know your quadrants and training protocols inside out, but communicating these to clients isn’t always easy. Dog training is a skill and client success comes from providing accessible information, at the right time. Our toolkits will help you improve your private training processes and behavior case plans. We’ll save you time, too!


Here’s how we can help:​

Private Training Support Products

Set yourself—and your clients—up for success with our ready-made private training program tools.

B-Mod Toolkit

Our professionally designed R+ training plans give you a head start—and the confidence that comes with knowing you’re prepared.

Homework Toolkit

Save countless hours and support client success and compliance with over 55 R+ brandable, editable homework handouts.

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Private Training Business Success Packages

Save money and get everything you need for your private dog training business by bundling dogbiz products and consulting. Plus add marketing and business packages to get your private dog training services out there.

Client Reviews

“We purchased the Homework Toolkit and were so thrilled with it we purchased the B-Mod Toolkit as well. The homework handouts are well-written and thorough and the we love the convenience of ready-to-use handouts without hours of work to write them. The B-Mod TK organizes our approach to behavior problems and it’s great to have plans to refer to rather than reinventing the wheel every time. We consider our dogbiz products some of the smartest investments we’ve made!”

– Ursa Acree, Canis Major Dog Training, Denver, CO

“Your ideas are paying off! Things are going very well and private training bookings are way up. I never expected things to change so drastically so quickly. Thank you for all your help.”

– Cricket Mara, The Pawsitive Dog, Corrales, NM

Need help deciding where to start?​

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