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Download our FREE e-book

Want to be a dog walker? Grab your copy of our 10 Steps to Starting Your Dog Walking Business e-book. We’ll talk you through important business steps and what you should know when embarking on a career walking dogs.

Personalized Business Consulting

Put a friendly dogbiz consultant in your corner to support your dog walking business goals. Looking for information and advice about certification or how much dog walkers can make? We do that, too.

Dog Walking Academy

Certification matters! Start your dog walking business with the best available dog walking education. Maximize safety and gain a marketing edge with our professional course. Attend in person or take online.

Logo & Website Design ​

Put your best foot forward! We’ll map out and guide your brand and website creation process for best results. Just need a dependable referral? Those are always free.


Business Support Products

Get your dog training business started faster and with less frustration. Set yourself up for success with our ready-made dog business tools.

Business Toolkits

All the paperwork you need to run your dog walking business—editable and brandable to suit your needs.

Business Success Packages

Have it all and save money—get everything you need to start your R+ dog training business in one package.

Client Reviews

“Thank you so much for teaching us everything you did at the Dog Walking Academy! I am soooo happy I found dogbiz. I definitely feel very prepared to start my business now!” 

–Lisa Mendricks, Lisa’s Dog Walking, Saratoga, CA

Need help deciding where to start?​

Email or call to tell us what you’re up to. Our friendly client support manager Deborsha will help you find the best way to take advantage of what we offer.

Or give us a call: 510.525.2547

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