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Why hire a dogbiz Dog Walking Academy graduate?

What you should know about how to hire a dog walker

Dog walking is a young, fast-growing, unregulated industry. Think snake oil remedies before the American Medical Association. Absolutely anyone can hang a shingle and pronounce himself a professional dog walker.

In the absence of professional quality control, it’s key to make sure the dog walker you choose is qualified to care for your dog.

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dogbiz Dog Walking Academy grads:

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Pass a hands-on practical exam.

The exam includes walking single and multiple dogs on and off leash in challenging situations while demonstrating the ability to maintain voice and leash control, keep the dogs safe, and ensure every dog in their care is having a great time. After this, your walker should be ready for anything that comes her way!

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Pass a comprehensive written exam (in-person course) or a series of 12 subject-matter area tests (online course).

Candidates must show a high level of understanding in several areas of dog behavior, including learning theory, group management, building a strong recall, reading dog body language, recognizing early warning signs of discomfort, fear, and aggression, and positively managing inappropriate dog interactions and leash manners.

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Are canine first-aid certified.

All students receive pet first-aid instruction focused specifically on dogs and geared toward professional dog walkers.

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Complete approximately 20 hours of course material about dog behavior and handling.

Walking your own dog is one thing. Taking others’ beloved four-legged family members out into public is quite another, and loving dogs just isn’t enough to qualify for the job. The dog walker you hire should have a solid understanding of dog behavior, along with the skills necessary to use that understanding to keep your dog safe.

Dog Walking Academy graduates learn the very latest in scientifically-sound positive training methods. Just as it is inappropriate for teachers to physically discipline students, a professional dog walker should be able to keep your dog safe and well behaved without the use of leash corrections, prong or shock collars, or yelling. Hiring a dog walker should provide fun exercise for your dog and peace of mind for you.

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Complete approximately 4 hours of course material about ethical business practices.

Our grads learn how to run their businesses effectively and ethically—always with you, the client, in mind. Professional dog walkers should take as good care of their human clients as their four-legged ones.

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What does the Advanced Dog Walking Academy seal mean?

Any walker displaying our Advanced Certified Dog Walker seal has taken a second intensive course focused heavily on behavioral problem solving and passed another comprehensive exam. By doing so, these walkers have distinguished themselves by their commitment to professional development and continuing education. Such commitment is all the more impressive in an industry that requires neither, and signals a high degree of dedication and professionalism.

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Are you a dog walker? Or think you might like to be?

The dogbiz Dog Walking Academy can help you start or advance your dog walking career.