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Mariana’s THRIVE! Success Story

Mariana runs My Girl Friday in Ontario, Canada, and specializes in separation related behaviors and aggression. I went from living an unbelievably stressful life but making a stupid amount of money to living my very best life and making no money. Before joining THRIVE!, Mariana had four very different careers. From a successful modeling career […]

THRIVE! Live! Livestream

Wednesday, November 1, 2023Spend a day working on your business with fellow THRIVE! members & the dogbiz coaches.    $50.00

Beyond the Bubble: 5 Industries Dog Trainers Can Take Cues From

Where does your business knowledge and inspiration come from? For many dog trainers, learning from peers or other pet professionals is hugely valuable. At dogbiz, we’re all about supporting and cheering on dog trainers as they connect, motivate, and share ideas and perspectives. Being a great dog training professional requires a multitude of skills, and […]

Consulting Services from dog*biz

If you know which package you’d like, you may choose from the options below. If you’re not sure, we generally recommend starting with a single appointment to get a feel for the process and you and your consultant can explore what might be best for your goals. If you decide on a package, at the […]