What the experts say

“Dogs aren’t helped if trainers don’t have thriving careers. I could not be more grateful for dogbiz’ business support for trainers in general and Academy members in particular. They are just so good at what they do.”
–Jean Donaldson, Founder, The Academy for Dog Trainers and author of The Culture Clash

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“dogbiz pioneered professionalism in dog training, helping dog trainers elevate their passion for helping dogs from a hobby endeavor to a true career path. The results have been nothing short of a revolution for our industry. If you are planning to train or walk dogs for a living, and to help dogs to the best of your ability, working with dogbiz is a must.”
–Dr. Ian Dunbar, Founder of the Association of Professional Dog Trianers

“dogbiz has provided fantastic support to CATCH students. We recommend them as a top resource throughout our curriculum and at all of our workshops. Our pro dog trainer graduates often report back that the dogbiz products and services helped them achieve their career and business goals faster and on a high professional level.”
–David Muriello, Founder of CATCH Canine Trainers Academy

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“Most of us become dog training professionals because we love working with animals – and many of us come with little or no business background. Thank Dog for dogbiz. They offer a unique service to our professional community by providing invaluable guidance and support on the business side of working with dogs and the humans who care about them. Their role in developing good, competent businesspersons provides a vital contribution to the professionalism of our industry. Thank you, dogbiz!”
–Pat Miller, Director, Peaceable Paws Trainer Academies, author of The Power of Positive Training, Training Editor for The Whole Dog Journal

“This industry is so very lucky to have dogbiz to support them through all of the many nuances of marketing a dog business and generating a personalized way to bring success to us as dog professionals. I have been working with dogbiz for many years now and every single time that I get their support, I am amazed at the impact that it makes in my business. An invaluable resource that no dog professional should do without!”
–Malena DeMartini, Founder, the Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer program, author of Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs

“The information dogbiz provides professionals working in animal behavior is remarkable because it addresses the quality of life for animal learners and consultants. We can always do better and they provide fresh insights and tangible actions about how.”
–Susan G. Friedman, Ph. D., Founder, Behavior Works

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“I consider dogbiz the ‘go-to’ place for business support in dog training endeavors.”
–Terry Ryan, Founder, Legacy Training and author of Coaching People to Train Their Dogs

“dogbiz is a great resource for helping trainers with the business side of dog training. Everyone there is experienced, friendly, and helpful — a great combo!”
 –Laurie Luck, Owner of Smart Dog University

 “Professional, experienced, insightful & kind. dogbiz is the absolute gold standard for business consulting for dog trainers.”
–Kathy Sdao, author of Plenty in Life is Free

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“If dogbiz can’t help you then no one can! Veronica and her team at dogbiz are just incredible. Their service is fast, reliable and thorough, covering every aspect of your dog business. Having worked with Veronica and her team for several years primarily through APDT Australia I can honestly say from experience that they are just so easy to work with and really get results for your business or, in our case, our Association. You really can’t go wrong with dogbiz – whereas you could if you don’t use them. My word of advice—do  something for yourself and your business—use dogbiz.
–Louise Ginman, President of APDT Australia

 “I highly recommend dogbiz and their team for helping you boost your dog professional career and business. The team is comprised of knowledgeable, articulate, and organized professionals ready to help you succeed.” 
–Debbie Martin, Founder of TEAM

“dogbiz’ business coaching played a crucial role in my growth as a speaker and behavior consultant. If you need help taking it to the next level in your career, then I can highly recommend their amazing services!”
–Michael Shikashio CDBC, President IAABC

“Veronica was instrumental in guiding the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers through the process of rebranding the organization. dogbiz gave us an online presence worthy of our place within the industry. And that’s what they do for dog trainers every day—professionalize our industry by helping us up our game and make a living worthy of the invaluable work we do for dogs and clients. No business is too small to benefit from the support they provide. If you’re serious about making a living as a dog trainer, put dogbiz in your corner.”
–Bradley Phifer, Executive Director, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

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“If you are looking to up your business savvy, run, don’t walk to dogbiz. Veronica and her team are consummate professionals who, refreshingly, operate with integrity, skill and a passion to help others. You cannot afford not too! For many aspiring dog trainers and accomplished professionals, the reality sets in after a few months in business – dog training and pet care skills alone are not enough to successfully operate a business. In a highly competitive market with a business model often run by passionate animal welfare advocates, you need a business support structure to help you stay focused and to navigate the highways to success.

dogbiz gives you just that support. They provide you with the necessary tools and onboard support system to help you navigate your way through the windy, often frustrating roads of business ownership, supporting you in your business growth while empowering you to work to your passions and unique skills. Don’t let your passion become your headache. Champions in every field keep a coach in their toolbox recognizing it’s a sign of great insight and self-assurance to partner with like-minded professionals who can help you take your knowledge and skills to a higher level recognizing that the investment you make pays huge dividends.”

–Niki Tudge, Founder & President of The Pet Professional Guild, The DogSmith, DogNostics Career Center & President, Doggone safe

“I can’t speak highly enough of the value that dogbiz brings to the dog training community. Veronica and Gina have created seminars and resources that have elevated business prowess and led to greater success for countless dog trainers. They understand the dog training community extremely well and know how to communicate with trainers looking to start a business, improve their existing business, or take their career in new directions. We find their approach so valuable that we have incorporated their lessons into our Dog Trainer Professional course at Karen Pryor Academy.”

–Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice President & Chief Training Officer for Karen Pryor Academy