Tips for a Successful Day Training Program

Whether you’re already day training or considering adding it to your service repertoire, this seminar is for you.

Learn how to structure your program, package training plans to address each clients’ needs, effectively proof behaviors for transfer to the client, conduct effective transfer sessions, schedule day training to fit your desired work week, price and market your service. We’ll share tips from working with day trainers over the last several years as well as what we’ve gleaned from our recent day training research project. And we’ll walk you through a comprehensive day training plan for a common behavior issue.

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what is this seminar about?

“Our job is to teach people to train their dogs.” It sounds so logical. But can we really teach owners to train their dogs and solve behavior problems in a few short sessions? This question lies at the heart of the many frustrations of our work—unfinished cases, poor compliance and income, burnout. Many trainers are turning toward alternatives such as day training to offer more effective results to their clients.

This web seminar covers the details of running a day training program, and is appropriate for trainers already offering the service, as well as those considering it.

you will learn:

•    the structural details of day training
•    scheduling options
•    tips for choosing the number of sessions needed for a given client
•    a step-by-step process for transfer sessions
•    tips for proofing and transferring behaviors to clients, including avoiding common pitfalls
•    what concepts and skills to transfer to clients and why
•    how to price your service
•    marketing and sales tips

who’s teaching

Veronica Boutelle, dogTEC business consultant, and Gina Phairas, dogTEC business and case consultant, have led the charge for day training and other alternatives to coaching clients over the last several years through their teaching, writing, and consulting work, and have helped hundreds of trainers make a successful switch to day training.

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