What does it mean to THRIVE!?

THRIVE! is a group coaching program for professional dog trainers who employ science-based force-free positive reinforcement training. 

When you engage with a THRIVE! member, you’re working with a dog pro who:

Is dedicated to ethical business practices
Running a business with integrity and honesty is at the heart of what we do. Members uphold professional standards and are committed to providing the best possible service to clients, both two and four legged.

Puts welfare first
Like all the dog pros we work with, THRIVE! members use only positive, humane methods with all dogs in their care. They approach clients and peers in the same way.

Is committed to ongoing learning
By joining THRIVE! members are committing to professional development on an ongoing basis. Regardless of the stage they’re at with their business, they are pursuing dog training as a career and working hard to provide an incredible service. They’re here for a good time and a long time!

Values collaboration
Our private membership group buzzes with ideas and projects, including sharing resources and feedback. We run sessions focused on getting tasks done in real time, and members put cooperation above competition. There’s room for everyone in THRIVE!

Understands the power of community
THRIVE! is driven by a community of like-minded positive trainers who understand that two tails are better than one. Our program is interactive and discussion based. Members are engaged and love to celebrate the wins of their peers. 

Has access to global expertise
THRIVE! includes members from all around the world, each providing their unique perspective and expertise. Chances are if the dog pro you’re working with doesn’t know the answer, they have quick and easy access to someone who does.

Are you a committed R+ trainer interested in joining a supportive professional community?