The Business of Classes

Get the keys to a successful dog training class business. Gina Phairas of dog*tec addresses both the curriculum and business sides of a thriving class program. Learn to prepare your clients for real-world success outside the classroom, inspire rampant word of mouth, successfully handle disparate skill and experience levels (human and canine!), create a calm and focused learning environment, and keep students coming back through graduation and into the next class.

May 17 in Accord, NY.

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What will you learn?

Effective curriculum design and good business practices are the one-two punch needed for a successful class business. Gina will cover the core principles of both.


Without curriculum that makes students’ lives with their dogs outside the classroom easier, there is no word of mouth and no repeat business. This presentation will explore what makes great curriculum. We’ll discuss the notions of goal-based curriculum development, backwards planning, and constructivist theory, which provides a way of thinking about teaching humans complex concepts and skills– and a way of translating what happens in the classroom to the real world outside of it. Put an end to hearing, “He only behaves in class!” And put an end to struggling with disparate skill and experience levels– human and canine.

Business Practices

Gina will share successful tips and strategies for:

  • Marketing your classes cheaply and effectively
  • Getting your pricing strategy just right
  • Increasing repeat business

Who’s Teaching?

Gina Phairas, BSc Comms, CTC

Gina is one of the forces behind dog*tec. A former instructor at the San Francisco SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, where she helped trainers learn to teach successful classes, Gina develops products that help trainers succeed in their businesses and works one-on-one with dog pros as a business and case coach. She is a dynamic speaker and gifted teacher who has taught workshops across the country. Gina previously ran a successful dog training business of her own and consulted nationally for shelters and rescue groups.

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