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Ready-made R+ curriculum packages, and more

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Ready-made R+ Curriculum Packages

Fill your classes and teach with confidence using our professionally designed R+ curriculum.

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Open Enrollment Puppy Curriculum

Never again turn puppies away or keep them waiting—our open enrollment curriculum means making the most of the critical puppy socialization period.
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Open Enrollment Basic Manners Curriculum

Keep your basic manners classes full and get the best student results with our innovative approach to basic manners.
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Topics Curriculum

Tired of students dropping out of training after basic manners class? Our topics program is the answer to better program retention—and better revenue, too.

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More Resources for Successful Classes

Business Consulting

Let a friendly dogbiz consultant help your dog training class program thrive. We can assist with curriculum, marketing, pricing, policies, or anything else that’s holding you back.

Marketing Toolkit

Build your class business as quickly as possible with ready-to-implement marketing projects, including the Operation Socialization program.

Class Business Success Packages

Save money and get everything you need for your dog training class business by bundling dogbiz curriculum packages and consulting.

dogbiz University

Take online courses like The Best Classes In Town to set yourself and your students up for success.
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What trainers say

“One of the best things I have done is introduce open enrolment for my classes with dogbiz curriculum. This has made such an impact on my business, because most clients want to start straight away. And I am much more confident after your consulting help and the low-cost marketing ideas you shared. My class business is growing every day.”

–Cath Dombroski, Doggie Diplomas, Sydney, Australia

“Your curriculum design class was the missing piece in my education and helped me grow as a teacher. I can’t thank you enough.” 

–John Buginas, former SF/SPCA Academy for Dog Trainers instructor, San Francisco, CA


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