Taking The Lead

Taking the Lead

A free group coaching program to help make 2021 Your Best Year Yet

For almost 20 years our business has been to help yours succeed. Group coaching has become our favorite way to do it.

We’re offering a free 3-week group coaching program to set you and your R+ dog training business up for your best year ever in 2021.

Tired of working on your own? Let’s face the new year together!

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Don’t let 2021 be just another year—make it your best ever

You are invited to join dogbiz coaches and fellow R+ dog trainers for weekly coaching sessions to:

Benefit from what we’ve learned from guiding R+ dog businesses through the pandemic

Get revenue flowing no matter what’s going on in the world

Give your business a vigorous start to a successful year—we think it can be your best ever

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Get help navigating a success path through 2021

We’ll coach you through all the details:

Offer training services people can’t say no to

2020 inspired a deep well of creativity. We’ll share what are proving to be the best new practices for setting R+ training businesses and dog lovers up for private training and class success.

“Been applying all of the lessons and have sold many packages and my classes are getting full.” –Michelle

Market for 2021

The world is a bit of a different place than it was a year ago, and clients’ and students’ realities have changed. We’ll show you how to adjust your marketing message to speak to today’s dog training needs.

“This has been my best year of business in many years!” –Laura

Price yourself strategically for the time at hand

Avoid pricing mistakes that threaten your livelihood and weaken your business. We’ll share our strategy for setting rates during the pandemic and beyond.

“It’s been my best year in business – if you had told me we’d be here right now when I was so down in the dumps back in April I wouldn’t believe you! Thank you!!” –Sarita

Handle unexpected challenges with confidence

You’ll learn policies and service practices to keep your business stable no matter what’s going on in the larger world.

Create real work / life balance

To take the best care of clients and students you need to take good care of yourself. We’ll teach you our top tips for running your business so that it doesn’t run you.


How the program works—structure, dates, how to join

We invite you to join dogbiz coaches and fellow R+ dog trainers in a supportive brain trust!

Weekly group coaching sessions

  • Each week focused on a specific topic for your success
  • Sessions open with a presentation to share key tips and best practices
  • Followed by discussion, brainstorming, Q&A
  • Session recordings for revisiting

Private FB group

Get feedback and keep the discussion going all week with your committed peers.

Taking the Lead session schedule

3 Tuesdays: January 12, 19, 26

1pm Pacific/ 4pm Eastern/ 8pm GMT

7am AEDT on Wednesdays

9am NZDT on Wednesdays

“The community is so supportive and helps me realize that I am not alone in my feelings – which is huge!” –Karen

Let’s Take the Lead on 2021 together!

No need to face the new year on your own—join us today.

Program starts January 12

Don’t wait—commit to your best year ever now.


“[Group coaching] was the best decision I made! It has provided the business knowledge I was missing before, and the motivation and support to relaunch my business.” –Rebecca


You don’t have to tackle 2021 alone

Together, we’re WAY more than the sum of our parts

Get weekly access to the dogbiz coaches

Taking the Lead provides 3 weeks of free support from dogbiz coaches. dogbiz founders Veronica and Gina lead every session.

“I’m set for my taking my biz into my semi-retirement. With dog*biz’ help, I’m financially comfortable!” –Pat

Become part of a team

Dog trainers often feel isolated, and that is more dangerous now than ever. Group coaching means the support and cheerleading of your peers as well as your coaches. It means structure and accountability to keep you moving forward. It means the satisfaction of supporting others, too. And this is your chance to benefit, free.

Connect and bond with like-minded R+ trainers

In this time of anxiety and forced separation, human contact is more important—and more necessary—than ever. Joining this program gives you an opportunity not only to learn with and from others, but to forge relationships with them, too.

“As my business grows (and wow is it growing fast), I am equipped with the insight, inspiration and accountability I need to build a business that feels like I am doing it right… I am so thankful for the opportunity to be part of this group.” –Natasha

Share your experiences and ideas, and benefit from others’

You’ll be part of a collective R+ trainer brain trust. You’ll have the power of a community to answer your questions, solve your problems, and expand on your ideas to help make them reality. Plus you’ll have the satisfaction of doing the same for others.


Meet your coaches

Veronica Boutelle,

dogbiz co-founder Veronica Boutelle is the author of the go-to business book for dog trainers, How To Run a Dog Business: Putting Your Career Where Your Heart Is, writes regular business columns for multiple industry journals including those of PPG, APDT US, APDT AUS, and APDT NZ, and travels the world teaching R+ dog trainers how to make a living doing what they love. Her speaking and teaching engagements include regular appearances at APDT US, AUS, and NZ conferences, PPG summits, and as a Clicker Expo faculty member, as well as private education for leading R+ dog training schools such as The Academy for Dog Trainers, Karen Pryor Academy, and CATCH Canine Trainers Academy.

Having dedicated nearly 20 years of her career to the success of R+ dog trainers, Veronica is keen to deliver the most effective guidance possible through this time of crisis, with an eye toward seeing both individual businesses and our industry emerge stronger for it.

Gina Phairas,
BSc Comms, CTC

Gina Phairas helped co-founded dogbiz back in 2003 and has since been responsible for many of our best ideas and innovations. Gina’s primary focus these days is leading our talented coaching team and running dogbiz University, her brain child for providing effective, easy-access business education and support to R+ dog professionals. She also regularly shares dog business wisdom at dog training conferences and seminars, including those held by PPG and APDT, and as Clicker Expo faculty.

In response to COVID-19 Gina led the team through a deep brainstorm and exploration of ideas for how to best use our resources, expertise, and extensive business coaching experience to help R+ dog trainers both survive and thrive through this crisis and beyond. The celebrated Survive and Thrive program was our answer to that challenge. Having experienced the power of group coaching to end trainer isolation and catapult trainers to faster success reaching their goals, we created THRIVE!

Tia Guest,

“I’m booked for private sessions for the next month! This would not have been possible without this group.  Y’all rock! Thank you!” –Jenna

Tia is dogbiz’ lead business coach, helping dogbiz clients start, build, and run their dream businesses. Tia has been a professional dog trainer and instructor for more than two decades with experience in virtually all facets of the dog services industry. Tia was the first and founding director of the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training & Behavior, assisting in the creation of its flagship Dog Trainer Professional course. She also played a central role in the creation of the Victoria Stilwell Academy curriculum. Tia is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, an Associate Certified Animal Behavior Consultant with the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, a Level 2 TAGteacher through TAGteach International, a Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner, and a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator for the American Kennel Club.

Tia understands what it means to start and run a dog business, having opened a daycare, training, and boarding facility back in 1999 when dog daycare was practically unheard of. Sold in 2004, that business continues to thrive. Today, Tia revels in helping fellow dog professionals do the same through her work as a dogbiz business consultant and now as a THRIVE! coach.

Let’s Take the Lead together!

You aren’t alone—join us today.

Program starts January 12

Don’t wait—commit to your best year ever now.


“I’ve been inspired by all the stories and encouragement from the group and the weekly sessions and can see a happy, lower stress version of my business waiting for me!” –Naomi