An in-person dogbiz University workshop

Reset for Success

Whether you’re just getting started or have been training for a long time, let’s take one day together to hit the reset button for your business success.

A business building workshop with Veronica Boutelle

You'll learn:

  1. How to spot and avoid common myths and errors that hold us back
  2. How to repackage your private training to improve training results & your income
  3. How to tweak your classes so students come back after puppy & basic
  4. How to make selling your training services much, much easier
  5. Which marketing is worth doing, and which isn’t
  6. Easy, comfortable ways to make new referral relationships (even if you’re super shy)
  7. How to build a marketing calendar that flattens seasonal income slumps
  8. How to get more time to run your business, and more time for yourself, too

What you get:

  • Specific tips and steps, plus concrete examples
  • Plenty of time for structured Q & A
  • Steep discounts on dogbiz products & services
  • A personalized marketing calendar to guide your success