Orlando’s THRIVE! Success Story

Orlando launched his dog training business with a roadmap. Through strategic planning and with THRIVE! by his side, he’s experienced rapid growth, rave reviews and real results with clients.

I was able to confidently launch my business…with a high level of integrity and professionalism.

After careful planning Orlando officially launched Results Dog Training in Western Australia with the aid of dogbiz resources, including the B-Mod Toolkit, Business Toolkit, and Homework Toolkit, and a dogbiz coach for help with his website. Orlando heard about THRIVE! during this period and decided to join the next cohort.

THRIVE provides the strategic roadmap to secure what I sometimes feel is a runaway train. It gives me the tracks to travel on and the cadence to monitor metrics and further refinement.

Being a THRIVE! member has been crucial for Orlando. The program encourages personal growth and consistent work on the business balanced with exceptional care and service of dogs and their people. He credits the THRIVE! Success Path with helping him to set goals and make consistent progress. He also loves all the bonus materials members have access to, calling the marketing resources in particular a “gold mind at our fingertips.”

I am making a very good income and I generally have a two week waiting list.

Despite being a new business, Results Dog Training is already booming. Armed with confidence in his marketing content, services, and processes, and with an impressive 45 five-star reviews in the last six months, Orlando has gained a reputation for delivering real results. He believes his commitment to ongoing learning– both on the training and business sides– is the key to preventing burnout in this emotionally charged industry. He plans to be around making a difference for dogs for a good, long time.

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