Mariana’s THRIVE! Success Story

Mariana went from selling off treasured items to make ends meet to running a successful business she loves – and doing it with confidence.

I went from living an unbelievably stressful life but making a stupid amount of money to living my very best life and making no money.

Before joining THRIVE!, Mariana had four very different careers. From a successful modeling career that spanned nearly a decade to restaurant management, followed by a long stint in the corporate world, she’d seen it all. It was her transition to the world of dog training, however, that marked a profound shift in her life.

Mariana’s previous careers had been demanding and stressful, but they had also brought in a healthy income. Now, as a dog trainer, she found herself living her best life in terms of fulfillment and happiness, but struggling to scrape by finanically. Mariana was determined to make her dog training business work, but she faced numerous obstacles – not knowing how to attract her ideal clients, struggling with marketing, and grappling with time management.

Her introduction to THRIVE! came at a critical moment. Although initially hesitant due to financial constraints, the encouragement from Veronica and the THRIVE! team convinced Mariana to take the plunge. Little did she know how profoundly this decision would impact her life.

You have all changed my life because nobody had ever said I deserved to invest in myself and that I was worth it.

Fast forward to today, and Mariana’s business and life have transformed. No longer forced to sell her beloved “Swarovski sparklies” to make ends meet, she has networked with local trainers, established herself as a specialist trainer in her area and raised her prices to match her worth. Her monthly revenue is approaching her targets, and she’s well on her way to financial stability.

Mariana no longer complains about being busy because she’s confident in her ability to prioritize her life. She can now “say ‘no’ to things, knowing that I’m saying ‘yes’ to my priorities – which are my kids, dogs, family, friends and me!”.

Mariana set five goals when she joined THRIVE!, and she’s achieved 4.5 of them within a short span. Her new goals are equally ambitious, including becoming the community’s trusted subject matter expert on canine behavior and hosting her first annual Be Your Dog’s Superhuman Event in 2024.

We band together when someone needs help, we share our successes and are not afraid to reach out when needed. It’s an incredible community of kind, empathetic, compassionate, like minded people….it’s truly remarkable!

Mariana credits THRIVE! to opening her eyes to opportunities she never knew existed. The ongoing business education and support has helped her set smart rates, understand the importance of an ideal client, structure her programs, and approach marketing with enthusiasm rather than fear. The concepts of “done is better than perfect” and “you can’t do all the things” have reshaped her perspective. 

What’s most remarkable to Mariana is the generosity, kindness, and empathy of the THRIVE! team and fellow members. The community’s unwavering support, the weekly sharing of wins, and the willingness to lend a hand when needed make the program “truly remarkable!”.

THRIVE! helps all R+ trainers, in all stages of their business to do exactly what the program is called…..THRIVE!

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