Jenn’s THRIVE! Success Story

Sometimes business success means letting go. Jenn revitalized her passion by restructuring her services, doubling her rates, and setting boundaries.

I was overwhelmed, emotionally exhausted, and spread way too thin trying to do all the things.

Before her journey with THRIVE!, Jenn’s work in the dog world was a mix of challenges and triumphs. For many years Jenn offered obedience training and behavior modification for a range of issues, and her schedule was a tapestry of cases dealing with fearful, aggressive, anxious, and reactive dogs. 

The demand for her services soared, leading Jenn to hire an apprentice to handle the overflow of puppy and obedience cases. When the apprentice moved without notice, Jenn was left juggling an overwhelming workload. Emotionally drained and spread thin, she felt obligated to continue with behavior modification cases even though they were taking a toll on her well-being. 

In November 2022, just as the stress threatened to take over, Jenn discovered THRIVE! This timely intervention became the turning point that reshaped her business and life. 

I increased the size of all of my programs and doubled my rates. I have expanded upon my puppy programs…and get to offer even more comprehensive care and training to my puppy clients

With THRIVE!, Jenn boldly restructured her business offerings to make them work for her. Today, she exclusively specializes in puppies and adolescent dogs under 12 months. Jenn no longer offers evening sessions, allowing her to enjoy a healthy work-life balance that eluded her before. Demonstrating her newfound confidence, Jenn also doubled her rates and expanded her puppy programs. 

The change is tangible – her business hasn’t slowed down, and the sheer fun of working with clients and cases that bring her joy has revitalized her passion. By embracing the power of ‘no’ and learning to set boundaries, Jenn reduced her workload without compromising her income.

THRIVE! gave me the confidence and support I needed to put boundaries in place, say no, refer out, and prioritize the services that bring me joy!

Becoming a THRIVE! member was more than just a business decision for Jenn – it was a catalyst for change, a motivator that helped her reassess and refine her approach to dog training. The weekly teaching sessions and office hours offered practical guidance, helping her create a business that serves her as much as it serves her clients and their dogs.

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