Is Social Media Right For You?

Twitter. Facebook. Blogging. LinkedIn. Online review services (Yelp!). And whatever the next big craze will be. Should you be paying attention? Does any of it even work for dog pros? Learn the pros and cons and the ins and outs of social media marketing, and whether it’s right for you.

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what is this seminar about?

The world of marketing is changing quickly. Dog professionals face more competition each year as the industry expands and it is increasingly imperative to make good marketing choices. This seminar will help you to decide if social media is right for you and your business.

what you’ll learn

•    basic information about the most common social media choices
•    the uses and pros and cons of social media in general, and of each program specifically
•    the time commitment and skills required to pursue each of the common formats
•    the potential returns and the potential pitfalls
•    tips for getting started with, and making the most of, any social media marketing you choose to do
•    tips for effectively using online review services, as well as how to avoid common mistakes and handle negative reviews

who’s teaching

Gina Phairas, dogTEC’s Twitter Maven, will lead the charge. Gina coaches dog pros across the country on running and marketing their businesses using community marketing approaches. Gina will draw on the leading thinking around social marketing, as well as the collective social media experiences of dogTEC clients, to share the best available social media marketing advice for dog pros.

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