Heidi’s THRIVE! Success Story

The road to business success can be bumpy. With THRIVE!’s support, Heidi overcame personal and professional barriers to step into the role of dog trainer and business owner with confidence.

I do not think I would have made it as a small business owner and dog trainer without THRIVE!

Heidi’s business journey is a testament to her tenacity — defined by resilience, growth, and determination. Returning to the States from China after a heart-wrenching divorce, Heidi decided to pursue a career in dog training. She attended Pat Miller’s Dog Training Academy and went to work for a fellow Pat Miller Certified Trainer. But then life threw another curveball: The unexpected passing of her mentor left Heidi at a crossroads, prompting her to dive headfirst into her own dog training business in 2019. Just as she was finding her footing, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, adding financial stress to an already challenging journey.

Many things have improved, but the most important is my confidence.

Amidst uncertainties, Heidi stumbled upon THRIVE! during the chaos of COVID-19. Feeling alone and grappling with the complexities of running a small business, Heidi took a chance on THRIVE! Little did she know, this decision would become her lifeline.

Fast forward to today, and Heidi’s story is one of growth, both personally and professionally. The most significant improvement? Confidence. While imposter syndrome still occasionally rears its head, Heidi now confidently asserts her worth as a skilled dog trainer and coach. Financial viability is no longer a distant dream, and she meets slow months with trust in the process and the tools THRIVE! has provided.

Being able to talk to the wonderfully encouraging and knowledgeable people of THRIVE! has helped me stay the course more than once!

Heidi’s success is a result of practical application and a willingness to learn. By implementing teachings from THRIVE!, she addressed crucial aspects of her business, including her website, vet referrals, pricing strategy, and coaching approach. Recognizing that growth is an ongoing journey, Heidi paces herself, finding a balance between work, life, and expectations.

One of the most valuable aspects of being a THRIVE! member for Heidi is the sense of community. As someone with limited business experience living in an area with few R+ trainers, THRIVE! provides the support and encouragement Heidi needs to continue moving forward. 

My business, and myself, are constantly evolving and THRIVE! helps me so much to keep growing in the right direction.

Heidi highlights several aspects of the THRIVE! program that have been particularly beneficial for her:

Website transformation: The THRIVE! coaches and community played a pivotal role in improving Heidi’s homemade website. The encouragement and tips were instrumental in getting her business off the ground. As she grew financially, THRIVE! recommendations led her to professional website development (courtesy of Digiwoof) and automation (by Clicks!).

Pricing confidence: Heidi increased her session prices by an impressive 400%. The unequivocal support and advice from coaches and colleagues gave her the confidence to recognize her value and attract more business.

Coaching skills: Learning effective coaching techniques has not only boosted Heidi’s confidence but has also made her clients more successful. Embracing the philosophy of “less is more,” she now focuses on asking questions and letting clients discover the answers.

Strategic marketing: THRIVE! guided Heidi in establishing strong referral sources, especially local veterinarians. Excited about further improvements, she’s now distributing her first rack cards, expanding her reach in the local community.

Master schedule mastery: Heidi embraced a healthier work-life balance. Implementing a master schedule, she now takes Sundays and Mondays off and never works past 6:30pm. 

THRIVE! is a generous community where you learn how to improve and manage your dog training business in a way that gives you confidence, hope, direction, and encouragement

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